1. DmitryKo

    Public release of AMD HIP SDK for Windows (July 2023)

    Finally, a public release of HIP SDK for Windows - only took them 5 years! This release is also referred to as ROCm 5.5.1...
  2. BRiT

    AMD RDNA3 Specifications Discussion Thread

    Start of a new technical thread for AMD RDNA3 specifications once they are revealed. The rumor thread leading up to the event:
  3. Shortbread

    PC Gaming Show E3 2021

    Date: 06,13th, 2021 Time: 2:30pm PT and 5:30pm ET Media Streams IGN YouTube PC Gamer Youtube Twitch Steam Live
  4. iroboto

    Computex 2021, AMD | Nvidia

    Seems like everyone is asleep I guess. shortcut link to RDNA laptop products (bulk of presentation) AMD FSR: Great options on FSR there. Just let people choose what they want. Backports back to 500 series and Vega. Also works on 1060. Sweet ;) my 1070 can live on. I guess technically it...
  5. CarstenS

    Strange limit in AMD OpenCL driver

    TIL that on a Tahiti board with 6 instead of the usual 3 GiByte of VRAM, the AMD OpenCL driver seems to think 3 GiByte should suffice for everyone. It's CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEMORY is set to 3072 MiByte, leaving half of the memory effectively useless. Is there any known workaround, an environment...
  6. M

    The AMD Execution Thread [2021]

    FY21 guidance doesn't seem that great to me. Q1 looks good and all, but where is the revenue growth in H2? I suppose that they are very supply constrained, I would expect better otherwise considering their current x86 CPU leadership and other things...
  7. Jawed

    AMD: RDNA 3 Speculation, Rumours and Discussion

    So RDNA 2 has no chiplets. What about RDNA 3? If it's based on chiplets, will there be Infinity Cache? I've been theorising chiplets for a very long time. I don't want to be disappointed this time!
  8. BRiT

    AMD Radeon RDNA2 Navi (RX 6500, 6600, 6700, 6800, 6900 XT)

    I thought we'd have a dedicated thread for the details and event. Worst case, if it doesn't provide details, it can be folded back into the existing Navi Speculation thread. Where Gaming Begins: Ep. 2 - AMD Radeon™ AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 Series graphics...
  9. G

    AMD 4000 series APU for mobile

    7nm APUs from AMD announced From Anantech: Top SKU: 8 CPU cores , 1.8/4.2GHz base/turbo clock @ 15W TDP, faster graphics as well (despite fewer CUs) Salvage SKUs down to 4 CPU cores with 2.7/3.7GHZ base/Turbo. Major power savings coming from 7nm, and equally important, support for LPDDR4X...
  10. F

    AMD: Zen 3 Speculation, Rumours and Discussion

    There's some reemerging rumor about Zen3 being SMT4, at least for servers.
  11. X

    AMD Ryzen CPU Reviews and Previews (3000 series)

    When is the NDA ending?
  12. snc

    AMD Navi Product Reviews and Previews: (5500, 5600 XT, 5700, 5700 XT)

  13. BRiT

    AMD NAVI SFU (Special Function Units)?

    Is there any information on the special function units of Navi? I'm curious which functions are implemented. Is it merely a return of the SFUs from the old VLIW5, seems a bit silly if so considering those were hardly used and replaced with general macros. Any chance of the new SFUs being useful...
  14. D

    AMD and Samsung Announce Strategic Partnership in Mobile IP good catch, isn´t it ?
  15. T

    Graphics IP

    Hello everyone, I'm the techpowerup gpu database editor and I wanted to share some of my work with people who are graphics card enthusiasts :) Graphics IP AMD Nvidia Intel here are more of my projects GPU Database Portal Rare GPUs / Unreleased GPUs Ever wondered whats inside your GPU?
  16. D

    AMD Radeon VII Announcement and Discussion

    "Radeon VII" Not Vega 2, it's Radeon 7. 7nm. 60CUs 16GB HBM2 - 1TB/s (quad-stack) Compared to Vega 64: +35% on BF5 DX12 +25% on Fortnite +42% on Strange Brigade Vulkan So it's a GTX 1080 Ti / RTX 2080 competitor.
  17. BRiT

    The AMD Execution Thread [2019]

    The 2019 edition of the AMD execution thread.
  18. Kaotik

    AMD: Navi Speculation, Rumours and Discussion [2019-2020]

    Do we have any actual quotes on the HBM-price including packaging? I mean sure, it's more expensive than GDDR5, that's for sure, but apparently GDDR6 isn't that cheap either: They're quoting 70% higher price...
  19. D

    AMD: Zen 2 (Ryzen/Threadripper 3000?, Epyc 8000?) Speculation, Rumours and Discussion

    Since we're already in the quarter where AMD is supposedly on schedule to announce the EPYC CPUs with the new 7nm Zen 2, I thought we'd have a thread to discuss what will/could be the next-gen CCX, next-gen "Zeppelin", next-gen APU, etc. AMD has been relatively tight-lipped about the next...
  20. F

    AMD RyZen Threadripper 2 CPU Reviews [2018]

    Reviews are out, here's a short list: AnandTech -- PCPer -- WCCFTech --...
  21. M

    Desktop Ravenridge

    I'm really looking forward to building a ravenridge rig, is there anyone else out there looking to build one? the parts that im gonna build it with. I'll be posting directly here when I get all the parts.
  22. A

    The AMD Execution Thread [2018]

    AMD Vega 10, Vega 11, Vega 12 and Vega 20 Rumors and Discussion No new dGPUs to compete with Nvidia in 2018 will hurt AMD's bottom line and result in loss of discrete market share.
  23. Bondrewd

    CPU Security Flaws MELTDOWN and SPECTRE Holy mother of TLB bugs, this smells really nasty.
  24. P

    Pricing Discussions around AMD VEGA *over-flow*
  25. Clukos

    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Reviews,1.html...
  26. Rys

    Radeon GPU Profiler 1.0

    Radeon GPU Profiler (RGP) is a new low-level performance analysis tool for modern AMD GPUs. There's a whole bunch of stuff in there that hasn't been doable in public tools before, and we've been working hard to get 1.0 done and out. 1.0 is primarily so we can get feedback, polish it up as much...
  27. A

    AMD Vega Hardware Reviews

    PCPer review is out.
  28. Clukos

    AMD RX580 Reviews

    Looks like an overclocked 480, I'd expect faster memory at least given how Nvidia will be re-releasing the 1060 with faster memory.
  29. I

    AMD RyZen CPU Reviews,1.html
  30. X

    AMD Marketing Tactics *spin*

    Poor volta. :runaway: :lol2: Hey Dave this is marketing done right.
  31. A

    AMD Architecture Discussion Interesting article with some stuff I hadn't seen before.
  32. G

    AMD Polaris Rumors and Discussion

    A Polaris 12 shows up on Apple's driver,
  33. CarstenS

    AMD IP in Intel next-gen IGP

    AMD IP in Intels next-gen IGP - again or is this just reurgitating old rumors? originally:
  34. I

    Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.11.2: Improved Shader Cache Limit

    AMD has just released a new Hotfix with the following: - Improved Shader Cache storage limit. This will allow the Shader Cache feature to store more shaders for extremely demanding games that may have previously hit the old storage cap. Anybody knows which game was affected by this (I'm...
  35. D

    AMD Vega 10, Vega 11, Vega 12 and Vega 20 Rumors and Discussion

    According to videocardz and fudzilla, Vega 10 will do 12 TFLOPs FP32 and 24 TFLOPs FP16, with a 512GB/s memory bandwidth. This means: - 64 CUs at 1.5 GHz - 2x FP16 rate per ALU - 2 stacks of 2GT/s HBM2 - 225W TDP - H1 2017 (probably Q2..) They also claim it comes with 16GB of HBM2. This...
  36. A

    Performance evolution between GCN versions - Tahiti vs. Tonga vs. Polaris 10 at same clocks and CUs

    Tonga XT VS Polaris 10 PRO:
  37. I

    GCN and mixed wavefronts

    Hi guys, I'll get right to the point. I'm wondering if you can have compute and graphics wavefronts in execution at the same time on different SIMDs within a CU. This diagram from anand really threw me off because I thought the waves/warps were the columns. So I thought you had one wave...
  38. G

    Why is AMD losing the next gen race to Nvidia?

    So now Nvidia has release the 3G 1060...this is in addition to the full Pascal in a laptop form(gasps!). Nvidia has launched the full range of next gen nm gaming GPU...whereas AMD is struggling with Polaris. What gives? I was expecting the move to 14/16nm is a form of reset. A new dawn, a new...
  39. D

    AMD Radeon finally back into laptops?

    In this presentation I finally saw an announced laptop carrying a Polaris chip: Judging by the picture, it's the next generation of the HP Omen, a relatively high-end gaming laptop (as in quite expensive because of premium looks and materials, not very high performance) which currently has a...
  40. I

    AMD: Speculation, Rumors, and Discussion (Archive)

    AMD has presented a GPU roadmap up to 2020 at the PC Cluster Consortium (from According to WCCFTech, the two-year cycle is specifically regarding APUs, and discrete GPUs will be updated more frequently. The HPC APU scheduled for 2017 may have a TDP of up to 200-300 W...
  41. orangpelupa

    AMD Console Wins for 2017? So, in 2017 we'll get xbox one and a half, PS4k, NX? Or ps4k, NX home, and NX portable?
  42. Jawed

    AMD: Navi Speculation, Rumours and Discussion [2017-2018]

    So I've been bothered by the meanings of "Scalability" and "Nexgen Memory" in this slide associated with Navi: And I've just realised that this could be the HBM design with GPU logic, e.g. ROPs, in the base of each stack of HBM memory, as part of the logic die. This concept came up a while...
  43. D

    Anandtech's poll that never was, regarding who controls Carrizo's User Experience

    The article in question (great read BTW): And the poll in question:
  44. S

    AMD GPUOpen, open source (MIT) GameWorks alternative Interesting open source alternative to GameWorks coming from AMD. It's available in January on github. Looks like an interesting set of tools, code...
  45. Rys

    Scott Wasson to leave The Tech Report and join AMD RTG I'm really pleased for the RTG, in that they've grabbed the best independent technology analyst working on graphics today, who'll bring a whole wealth of understanding and expertise to the group, to help them create better products. It's a sad...
  46. E

    AMD Radeon Crimson Driver

    Is this the right place for this ? and a video
  47. M

    Some (AMD) software patent stupidity

    I was looking around what was available to automatically create efficient atlases from ptex textures and I ran into some stupidity. This is a software patent application for a technique potentially relevant to games development. I don't particularly like software patents, especially not for...
  48. P

    AMD announced multiple new discrete AMD Embedded Radeon graphics options
  49. M

    Self-inflicted AMD PR Drama [Nano Fury Edition]

    Techreport won't be getting one to review I suspect AMD is mad since he pointed out the settings used by AMD's internal benchmarks were unrealistic (0x AF for example) in order to make the FuryX and Fury look more favorable...
  50. CarstenS

    AMD R9 Nano official specs (and later, reviews)

    Now the cat's officially out of the bag... ;) - Fiji GPU with full config (64 CU) - 4 GiByte HBM - "up to" 1000 MHz (realistically around 900 with 50 MHz dips up and down as AMD told in press briefing) - 175 watts typcial board power, 1× 8-pin connector - AMD says at 42 db(A) a "library quiet"...