Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We collect certain data about you when you use Beyond3D. This privacy policy explains what kinds of data we collect, what we do with it, how we do our very best to be responsible with it when you trust us with it, and how you can ask us about it. It also details what kinds of 3rd party data collection happens, and explains why we set cookies in your browser when you're on Beyond3D.

This policy covers all Beyond3D websites.

What we collect

To give you a personalised experience on the forums, we collect an email address in order to allow you to create an account. That's the only piece of potentially personally identifiable you must provide us. Everything else is at your own discretion. The forum software lets you give us things like your birth date, current location and real name, but none of those things is mandatory or required in any way.

If you take out a subscription, which currently uses Paypal as our payment processor, Paypal requires your name and email address which does get passed on to us when your transaction is created, and we store it just in case we need to refer back to the transaction in the future. Paypal also gives us a transaction ID. We don't receive any of your payment or banking information.

Why we collect it

We have to collect your email address since it's the unique identifier tied to forum accounts, which let you login and post on the forums. It gives us some way to contact you if we need to, or your forum settings ask us to, with thread digests, update notifications, password resets and other communication the forum software sometimes needs to send you.

Where your data is stored

We store your data on our secured servers in Germany. All current Beyond3D infrastructure resides in datacenters in that country.

Off-site backups of all of the Beyond3D infrastructure are made to a highly secure system provided by our server host in Germany.

Keeping your data secure

We follow industry standard procedures to keep your data secure once we receive it. We don't share your personal details and information with any other organisations for any reason.

Disclosing your information

We may pass on your personal information if we have a legal obligation to do so, but only if absolutely compelled with no way to avoid it. Where possible in that legal framework, we'll notify you if at all possible.

Your rights to your information

You can contact us at any time to find out what information we hold about you, and ask us to not use any of that information in the future. You can do so at any time, by emailing Please give us up to 48 hours to get back to you.

Other websites and 3rd party services integrated into Beyond3D

In order to provide you with a great experience we integrate various 3rd party services.

This privacy policy doesn't cover those 3rd party services, even though we integrate them into Beyond3D. Please read the privacy policies for those services (listed below) to find out what they do with your information. Additionally, you might follow a link from Beyond3D to another website, or from another website to Beyond3D. We don't control the content of the linked websites or any that might have inbound links, and we don't write access logs so we don't persist any personally identifiable information sent to us via inbound links, if passed in with the HTTP requests.

We currently integrate the following 3rd party services:

  • Google (Fonts)
  • Twitter (Tweet button)
  • Tech In Games (game and platform data)
  • GPUDB (GPU vital stats and information)
  • Tapatalk (iOS and Android forum browser)


GPU Tools Ltd, the company that owns, operates and publishes all of Beyond3D, is registered with the UK Information Commissioner's Office as a data controller. The ICO gives us practical advice in how to protect and control access to the data about you that we have.

The UK Data Protection Act is something we're bound by law to uphold as a processor of personal information, and being registered with the ICO and using their advice as much as we can hopefully helps us do that.
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