What are you playing now? [2023]

Have you tried vr?
Yeah, I got PSVR 1 but it made me feel weird after a while when playing. Just recently I got PSVR 2 and that has been a whole different experience, though to be honest I have only played Star Wars and Horizon on it so far.

I haven't tried VR on a modern PC yet either though I am very tempted because I want to play Alex!
I am playing Like a Dragon Gaiden. Pretty boring for a Yakuza game, but the FMV hostess sections are amusingly pervy.
Days Gone is a perfect example of how to do TAA.

It doesn't prevent every jaggie and reduce all the shimmer, but it does a perfectly acceptable job while having a razor sharp presentation.

Every game should have TAA like this.

It still holds up too, and is only let down by the poor draw distance and obvious LOD transitions.

I've been gradually getting into some Roguelikes. Previously playing Slay the Spire which I've enjoyed, and just picked up Lonestar. A mix between Slay the Spire and FTL, which I'm also enjoying quite a lot. These are great for just some relaxing gaming sessions for 20-30 minutes at a time between stuff I'm doing for the family or around the house.
I started Lies of P and have enjoyed it so far. I'm wondering how hard the fights are going to get, but I didn't find the 1st boss to be too difficult.
Robocop is done!!

It's easily a solid 7/10 game, if they sorted out the image quality issues and fixed the textures loading in late I would have given it 8/10.

No real glitches or bugs to speak of really, some rare periods of stutter but actually pretty solid and way more polished than other UE5 games from larger studios.

Took around 11hrs and 27 minutes according to games play time counter, and that's with me skipping a fair few side missions and secondary mission objectives.

And I got my wish!!!!

Screenshot 2024-01-22 225738.png

I f*cked his ass up!! 🤣
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Still cruising through Cyberpunk 2077, however I really can't play it with my kids, given the combination of adult content and their (young) age.

So, I'm getting ready to roll a new Skyrim game and before I start, I want to load up a bunch of gameplay mods. I've been digging through Nexus to find some cool ways to make it more interesting, of course along with the requisite graphical upgrades too. There's some really good "overhaul" mods, pre-packaged combinations of dozens and even hundreds of other mods, and trying to decide between which one(s) to use is proving a bit difficult :)
I finally got off my lazy ass and hooked up a keyboard/mouse to my Xbox Series X and started an AoE II campaign last night and had a blast. The controller inputs were "acceptable", but these RTS games thrive with kb/m.
Are there any RPGs that have production values close to something like the two FF7 remakes but have gameplay more akin to FF6?
Playing Mafia: Definitive Edition on Series X.

I have no idea why Tom had so much praise for this game in his DF video covering the consoles.
It has the highest input lag of any game I've ever played. Perhaps that's just the One X version, though. It apparently uses TAA and the other versions don't.
It also has very noticeable ghosting from that TAA solution, in addition to be a fairly soft presentation for a 1440p resolution.
Hangar 13 said they were going to release a patch for 9th gen, but that was a long time ago. They don't respond through any official channels and the last patch was 3 years ago.
Definitely don't buy this game to play on OneX/SeriesX. Maybe the Playstation version isn't so laggy.
I played both of the first two games on PC when they were originally released. I'd say the original PC version is still a better experience than this new remake.
Never played Mafia 3 and probably won't.

Without a fix for the input lag, I consider Mafia: Definitive Edition (for Xbox One X/Series X) to be right on the border of "unplayable".