RTX Video HDR modded to work in games, RTX Game HDR?

RTX Video HDR was released last month, converting SDR videos to HDR videos on the fly, the tech has now been modded to work on games too, with a hidden driver hook, which implies the tech could be coming to games soon, with a driver toggle, it could possibly be called RTX Game HDR.

All DX9/DX10/DX11/DX12 games are compatible with it, with Vulkan and OpenGL yet to be tried.

A quick review from a developer who worked on the HDR of Alan Wake 2 and modded HDR into Control and Starfield:

From a quick test, it looks better than AutoHDR. Good gamma (~2.2, maybe a mix between 2.2 and sRGB) (massive advantage over AutoHDR as there's no raised blacks anymore).

Shifts colors a bit too much. The brighter the color, the more it's shifted (more saturated). Hopefully, they will add a toggle for that.
It has a paper white of about 250-300 nits based on my perception (that doesn't mean that SDR 111 (white) becomes 300 nits, it's remapped around mid-gray or so).

The peak seems to be between 750-1000 nits based on my perception. I don't know if it follows the Windows 11 HDR calibration profile.

The SDR to HDR Windows brightness slider value is ignored; there's no way to change the average picture brightness.

It seems purely a straightforward pixel-by-pixel remapping with no temporal or positional awareness.

The UI doesn't seem to be detected by AI or anything like that, so pure white UI will go to 1000 nits.

It doesn't seem to try to generate missing/clipped detail on highlights (in case you thought AI could do that).

Cannot be captured by Game Bar screenshots nor NV screenshots (it probably happens at the end, at the driver level, so no interference with anti-cheat software).

Games need to start in SDR for it to ever engage. Enabling native HDR in the game breaks the native HDR, but you can always toggle back to SDR and NVIDIA RTX Video HDR starts applying again.

For it to engage, you need to enable it with emoose's tool before starting the game. Having RTX HDR enabled in the NV control panel is not necessary.

It only works when the game is borderless fullscreen (except on DX9/10) and fullscreen exclusive. Any kind of overlay temporarily disables it.

I could not see any banding on the few games I tried. It's possible it adds debanding filters due to upgrading 8-bit buffers to 10-bit.

It works with DX9, 10, 11, and 12 games. Vulkan and OpenGL are untested: supposedly, they also work if they are presented with DXGI swapchain.

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I was just thinking last night what was stopping Nvidia from enabling this for games.

From the nexusmods page, the color shift has already been fixed thanks to Filoppi.
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RTX Game HDR is officially released now, it's activated from the NVIDIA overlay, and works as a game filter that you can disable or enable at anytime. NVIDIA also released another AI feature called RTX Vibrance to enhance the color vibrance of the games.

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