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    OK I realize this is a dead forum section at the moment, but this is where it belongs so I will try it.

    Anyone have PLEX installed for media server on a NAS? I was thinking about doing this, but my readyNAS is pretty low power. I was therefore thinking about just building a server to act as a NAS, but was wondering what the easiest way to make this all work was. Free nas works with PLEX to some extent, but I am not sure how well yet. Perhaps just getting a regular PC with windows would be easiest, I am not sure and wanted some suggestions. Thanks

    (PS the idea would be to start running the TV off the Revue I have collecting dust and keep the HTPC somewhere else).
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    Jan 5, 2010
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    I build a (headless) server recently on old hardware with the same goals in mind as you have. For the build, I chose Clearos as OS which has a pretty great Plex server support. The only minus in the Clearos community edition, was that I manually had to mount the secondary hard drives. I installed the ClearOS on an SSD for performance, but wanted my library on a secondary hd. For share's management, I use flexshare and windows network modules for accessing the hard drive folders/shares directly from any computer inside my local network. Installing ClearOS itself is pretty painless and V 6.5 its a pretty stable build IMO.

    It has a WEBUI for access control and similar, and you can SSH into it with f.eks. PUTTY for root access via a remote machine.

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