PlayStation Showcase 2023


Island Hopper

"It’s nearly time for Sony to share what’s next for PlayStation. On May 24th, the company is set to host its next PlayStation Showcase, promising a show that’s more than an hour long with news about games for PS5 and PSVR 2. “Expect a glimpse at several new creations from PlayStation Studios, as well as spellbinding games from our third-party partners and indie creators,” Sony said in a blog post.

Spider-Man 2 seems like a lock given its fall 2023 release window, and I’m also hopeful we’ll get updates on things like Wolverine, Death Stranding 2, and maybe even Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. But Sony’s blog specifically says we’ll see “new IP,” so there will definitely be some surprises in store.

The show kicks off on May 24th at 4PM ET / 1PM PT. Here’s all of our coverage from the event."

Talos Principle 2 announced on PS5 ! the first game is one of my favorite game ever on PS4 ! And it looks sublime!

I recognized it almost instantly with the character (of course) and music (theme) which was legendary on the first game.
Allan Wake II - I'm so there!

Can't say the trailer really stood out, but I'll play any of remedy's games, just because I know there will be parts that are super strange, or visually interesting.

Also I haven't been paying really close attention, but it feels like a lot of cross gen games so far. I could be wrong. This gen feels like it hasn't really taken off yet.