Nvidia Turing Architecture [2018]

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    Ice Lake (i7-1065G7) does. Pre-Everything (drivers, 3DM VRS feature test etc.)
    „3DMark VRS 66,89 (VRS off) - 94,09 fps (VRS on)“ in it's 25W-configuration, so around 40 % uplift.
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    At Siggraph 2019, RTX was introduced to the following apps:

    • Adobe Substance Painter is relying on RTX ray tracing to accelerate baking performance up to 192× faster than CPUs according to Nvidia.
    • Autodesk Flame: RTX Tensor Cores improve visual effects and compositing workflows by accelerating Autodesk’s new machine learning technology in Flame v2020.1 helping artists isolate, extract, and change common objects in moving footage.
    • Blender Cycles: Nvidia OptiX 7 (RTX) with CUDA accelerates Blender’s open-source renderer.
    • Dimension 5 D5 Fusion: RTX ray tracing via UE4’s implementation of DXR allows architects and designers to simulate ground truth lighting and shadows.
    • Daz 3D Daz Studio: Nvidia Iray allows creators to assemble scenes with interactive RTX accelerated ray tracing to quickly build their artistic composition and render out in full fidelity.
    • Foundry MODO: RTX performance through OptiX in the completely redesigned MODO path-traced renderer offers a significant performance boost over CPU rendering.
    • Luxion KeyShot: RTX accelerated ray tracing and AI denoising for photorealistic visualization of 3D data for product design reviews, marketing, animations, illustrations and more via OptiX support in KeyShot 9.
    • Adobe Dimension CC and Chaos Group V-Ray provide users the ability to create fluidly, with great realism powered by RTX technology's RT Cores. Nvidia says Adobe Substance designer can deliver speed increases of up to 200 percent compared with earlier CPU-based technology by integrating RTX through DXR for light baking.
    • In addition, BlackMagic and Nvidia say DaVinci Resolve with DaVinci Neural Engine has implemented AI using the Nvidia AI libraries and is getting acceleration from Tensor Cores found on Nvidia RTX GPUs to accelerate inferencing.

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