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Prey (2022) is a legit solid good film. It’s better than it has any right to be too. It’s not a brain dead popcorn flick. The Predator could have been anything else serving as the main confrontation for the protagonist and it would have worked.
Talking about brain deads, I remembered I haven't finished Star Trek Beyond. And remembered why, after starting over.

But can you tell which one is Krall from STB and which one is krill from Orville?



Daft Funk
Prey: 10/10
I feel like I watch watching a Nolan Batman film. It’s not about super hero powers; it was just about the story. Cinematography was excellent, musical score excellent, dialog very reasonable, characters were all reasonable. No stupidity.
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best Predator movie for a while.
True but not exactly a high bar though.
Not really anything memorable about it either imo.
The final trap was kinda obvious & the Predator of course left her alone for several hours while she set it up, then helpfully walked right into it and was a perfect fucking moron with his laser-homing arrows :unsure:
I don't really buy that it didn't take the opportunity to kill her several times when she had been fighting it already.


One of the reasons I heard they killed off Batgirl despite it being complete (and being planed as direct to stream title) is "for tax purposes". The write offs they can claim for it when cancelled was probably more than what they calculated it releasing would bring in.

It's all about the profit so the people, the projects, and the art be damned.
When AT&T took over they spent a lot on Max originals, some of which have been very Good like Hacks and Peacemaker.

But apparently they lost a lot of money, over a Billion from streaming in the last quarter.

I dread what they’re going to do, speculation is a Discovery Plus app with an HBO hub and higher prices for less scripted content. This is expected to happen by summer 2023.