Kikizo chats with Kaz Hirai

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by hey69, Oct 2, 2006.

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    thanks hey69, downloading the vid now.

    not much info, I kinda get the feeling he takes a jab at nintendo for their 60 dollar controllers. but other than that pretty much same old kaz PR. No offence to kaz, but I like phil interviews more. :lol:
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    Good interview with some games shown in background.

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    Nice solid interview. Kaz stays calm and collected. I like it.
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    Any soul kind enough to bullet point what was said/raised? MailMarshall at work won't allow me to 'Download Large Dangerous Files'! Any mention of the October event for NA?
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    NOTE: The words below aren't the exact words, but closely enough paraphrased, I hope.

    Ok, here we go:

    Sony's internal change of attitude, more positive attitude now here at TGS for the PS3 launch
    - we always had a strategy for making sure that when me make announcements we only want to do so when we have something substantial to say, great to show, or to be able to show progress between for instance E3 and TGS, we don't want to make announcements that have no meaning. At TGS, we can show the fruit of our labour here at the playstation lounge and on the TGS show floor.

    Presence of PS3 at TGS
    - At TGS we for the first time have the opportunity to appeal to the consumers. The media have had their opportunities at E3 and similar shows, but now the consumers have the chance to try out the games for themselves and form their own opinion on the console and the games for the first time. Here it's all about the consumers and the reaction of the consumers here is very important to us.

    What kind of units do we have the games running on, development units, final units
    - Some of the units at E3 were running on very early prototypes. Here at TGS we have the final test units.

    The financial contribution of the PS brand to Sony
    - The contribution of Playstation to Sony overall's bottom line depends on the year that you look at. Overall we make a huge contribution, but in some years we heavily invest

    Multi-platform games and losing exclusivity
    - most important in the end of the day is what kind of content you can bring to the game. Exclusive content is important, but even for multi-platform games the unique features of the PS3 offers developers a lot of extra features and power to work with, which will make the experience of multi-platform games better on PS3 ... He suggests that also offers, in a sense, an exclusive experience.

    Sixaxis and loss of rumble
    - the issue with motion sensing and vibration is isolation of the motion sensing from the vibration. Is it technically feasible? Yes, it is technically possible, but at the same time it is going to make the controller too expensive, which is a bad thing for the consumers, many of whom will want to by an extra one. So we had to make a choice between sixaxis or rumble feedback and since sixaxis actually is about controlling your game, whereas rumble is only about feedback, we consider control features much more important to the gaming experience than rumble, so we made our strategic decision to go with motion control instead.

    Bluray and format war
    - my job is to make sure that the Playstation 3 is a successful game format, and the Playstation 3 happens to use BluRay as a storage medium. As a great (fantastic) byproduct of that, it can also play BluRay movies. The two happen to go hand-in-hand because the PS3 uses BluRay for games, but for me, Playstation 3 has the highest priority. But sure, the advantage of BluRay is that it is great for games, but also great for movies.

    - we are going to try everything we can to get as many units in the hands of consumers as possible before Christmas. This is why we had to delay the console in the European region, so that we could concentrate on providing the Japanese and American markets with sufficient consoles. But of course, it is also just really important for us to make sure that the Playstation 3 is a platform that is going to bring great content to its consumers for the next 6-7 years.

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