Jeeps suck and make me angry.


Nope,don't got either one back yet. Lots of times we were told we'd be getting them back but they're still not back.

Sorry, had to spend a few hours today getting lied to again and pretending I didn't know it. Annoying and I had to vent.
Wait.... You have more than one Chrysler / Dahmler / Stellantis vehicle?

You really need to do as much research on your cars as you do your gaming rigs :(
These are both vehicles my wife decided on. I'm still driving my 2010 Infiniti M35x which has been my daily for over 11 years now and is still going like a champ with about 180k miles on her. :)
We had a Jeep something or other as hire car several years back.

Big car with hardly any room in the boot, couldn't fit a buggy in, barely fit the booster seats in the back, visibility was non existent. Also looked like it would have trouble going over a pot hole, never mind off-roading.

Glad when those few days were over. What a pile of crap.

Our Citroen is an excellent family car, so not all Stellantis cars are bad, in the UK/EU at least.
So now we might be getting rid of the Renegade and getting a different Jeep...........WHY?!?!?

How do I talk my wife out of this Stellantis madness? I already know the answer, I can't. :(
Can you calmly point out how horribly Stellantis handled your existing problems? A lying service manager? Having to escalate to a regional (?) rep or higher to get something fixed inside of warranty? How long you were without your own car?

Maybe she didn't see any of that because you're the poilte gentleman and have insulated her from the pain. Perhaps she only really perceived her ability to drive another even nicer car while hers was away. Maybe you can tell her how much personal stress it caused you, and that you love her, and she loves you, and the pain and mental anguish it caused you means you'd be far more comfortable never looking at another Stellantis product again.

And then do the VMO / Agile Scrum Master thing to gather her requirements, rank them from first to last, and then you'll take on the responsibility of finding her a suitable replacement to meet her needs. :)

Or do the dick move, tell her if she buys another one, the moment it breaks it's hers to get solved and you'll not help even when she cries. :D /s

Yet another of your Jeep products is currently broken and in the same shop who lied about fixing the first one?

I think I've driven the Jeep twice at the Badlands and for less than 5 minutes each time. Just a quick reminder, please note who's behind the wheel and who's stepping in to the overly large puddle:


I drive it on the road and a bit insanely I'll admit since you're not supposed to drive them over 75mph on the highway and I'm pretty sure I've gotten her up to 120mph passing some Vettes on 94 in the Loop a number of years ago running late to pick my wife up at O'Hare but I can't be sure since the speedometer only goes to 100mph so I was gauging it by how far the needle was jumping back from the 100mph mark. I don't recommend it, every bump the thing would jump inches in any direction, but it makes the point that I'm much more at home on the road than off. Off-roading will just inevitably lead to breakage and heartache, it's part of the sport and I dislike it intensely since that's the part I have to deal with and my wife just loves to take it out and break it.

Sorry for the rant. I took the blame for it because I said, "Why don't you go through that puddle?", before she drove in to it and then tried to back out of it with the engine under water. It's been a learning experience for both of us.
I have the solution for you Digi
Hey mrs Digi you like off-roading. Ok then have fun, I'll see you when you get back......
Nope, can't. Made a promise to be there for her through good and bad, that includes this. I go with to make sure she gets home safe, that's part of my job. Just like getting 'em fixed when she breaks them even though I can't talk her in to an oil change and new plugs on my 14 year old car.

A good friend once told me, "Marriage is the hardest job you'll ever have, or you're doing it wrong", and it resonates with me strongly. I will stand by my wife even if it's awful and I hate it if I think me being there could help her or be of use or support. I can't help it, I take the whole "marriage thing" pretty seriously, and 30 years later I'm still damned glad I did and will continue to do so.

Doesn't mean I don't go apeshit occasionally and do a harsh truth rant about my real feelings about Jeeping and off-roading, but she also is pretty great about taking the marriage thing seriously and puts up with it because she knows my feelings and letting me vent them once in a while can be healthy as well as entertaining for her if I go nuts bashing how stupid Jeeps and the whole off-roading thing is.

I like your idea Davs, but our relationship would have never worked if I pulled that attitude on everything that drives me crazy. I pick my battles carefully.