Few questions for a Sandy Bridge build

Discussion in 'PC Purchasing Help' started by Berek, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I'm waiting for Sandy Bridge to come out next week for a new build and had questions regarding compatibility with current hardware. To note, I'm looking at a decent build but nothing crazy expensive...:

    1) For Sandy Bridge, can I buy any DDR3 memory now, and if so, what's the best CAS and MHz I should look for, especially if I want to do a bit of overclocking (but nothing beyond air-fan).

    I'm looking at the Gigabyte H67MA-UD2H mobo currently, though I'll consider ATX if things don't fit, especially with my ATI 6950 video card.

    2) Is 8GB enough to run a major game (Metro 2033 for example), Photoshop CS5 (large 600MB PSD editing), bunch of Firefox tabs (30+), and misc. smaller programs in the background?

    Or should I take the plunge and just get 16GB and be done with it, considering prices seem low at the moment? I know 16GB is overkill, but it's either that or 8.

    3) I was thinking of purchasing the Coolermaster Hyper 212, which looks to be compatible with SB, but I'm also considering a mATX mobo... is this a good cooler and will it fit in Mid-Tower mATX offerings?

    4) I'm waiting for Intel's 25nm SSDs, as I'm tired of the system crawling when copying a bunch of files between drives. Disregarding cost, is it a good time to buy one (looking at the 300GB) for an OS/System/Major Games drive purpose?

    The rest of the components I already have, including a Antec Earthwatts EA500 500W, though I could swap that out for a spare OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP 700W. I also have 4xHDs, 1xDVD+RW, and a couple of external USB peripherals that add a bit to the power envelope.

    I'll be building a home system and looking at Sandy Bridge in particular for work as well. Thanks for any advice!
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    Berek doesn't sandy bridge use tri channel ram on higher end boards ? Which means 12 gigs is possible ?

    4) I don't think you want to make a single SSD your main drive for all that fun stuff. Why don't you get a boot drive now. The 120 gig intel can be had for under $200 and same with sandforce 2 cards. Just put oyur OS and most used programs on it and try and keep some space free. Keep your games on a regular drive for now and when the new drives come out get a game drive. You'll save money and have the components last longer
  3. I.S.T.


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    No Sandy Bridge uses triple channel RAM yet. If Sandy Bridge launches on the X58 chipset, it might.

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