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    I've yet to see a racing game worth anything in which it is impossible to move the POV at where would you put the clip planes, precisely, since you don't know where the player will point the camera at any given time--either for his POV or the vehicle itself? Likely if you tried that the clip planes would become visible (just like in 3D Mark when the camera is moved off track) and would be considered a driver *bug* and eliminated because of that. In the example of the do you figure clip planes would be better than the solid color black which would cover the screen not being viewed through the periscope? Additionally--you again have the problem with the POV through the periscope--since it could never be calculated where the user would look at any given time. I don't see how this could ever work except in a situation in which the camera moved on a fixed path all the time. Additionally, driver development to try and implement something like that in a real game with a free camera would be horrific--just a waste of time, IMO. Point me to a single game in which nVidia's optimized its drivers to deliberately insert clipping planes, and I 'll show you a driver bug they've fixed...;)

    I can't see how this would ever cut the rendering workload in a real game because it could never be implemented with a free camera.

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