Reopening Architecture and Products + rules and guidelines changes

I think it’ll be harder to veer off topic with one per SKU. Otherwise it turns into another everything thread.
I mean do we really need two separate threads for something like 4060Ti8 and 4060Ti16 SKUs?
Separate review threads - maybe.
General discussion though? Considering that I'd expect the majority of said discussions to revolve around comparing the two?
I think you may be underestimating people! :runaway:

Probably :LOL:

I mean do we really need two separate threads for something like 4060Ti8 and 4060Ti16 SKUs?
Separate review threads - maybe.
General discussion though? Considering that I'd expect the majority of said discussions to revolve around comparing the two?

No, not that granular. But the 4060, 4070, 4080 and 4090 should have separate threads. They could also double as “owners” threads which are very successful on AVSforums. I don’t know how many folks here actually own the hardware we talk about but sharing experience, tips etc in these threads could keep them going for years after the initial launch buzz.
The relative lack of moderation and more importantly posting rules and rules enforcement is one of the reasons the board has devolved from a mostly technical forum with many professionals in the business posting here to now being mostly non-technical consumers posting here.

Basically, they've been driven away or at best forced to just lurk by the noise and actual or perceived harassment from those that don't have much knowledge.

It's one thing for someone without much technical knowledge to ask about something and learn. It's another when you have certain users that would consistently question, challenge and be passive aggressive towards those that are in the industry (whether it be hardware design or software development) despite numerous clarifications and attempts to educate them by those with more knowledge in the relevant industries.

The proposed rules are there to attempt to encourage at least a minimum level of civil discourse that might lead to an environment where actual hardware designers and software developers would once again feel safe posting here.


Not to disagree, but another reason why industry people might be less likely to contribute to open discussion forums is the potential for a post here to make it's way off-forum to other forums, social media, or news aggregators where it will be presented in a way that is twisted, heavily edited or out of context. I think we've all seen things posted here turned into "MS/Sony/<your industry company here> said...." elsewhere.

I'm not sure that improving the signal to noise will ever bring industry people back to the degree they were in the "good old days".

Any improvements made would still be worth it for their own sake, though.
On which threads ought to exist and whether we need to be completely granular, I think the guideline there is simple: we'll know when it's necessary. If there's not that much difference in products in a family and separate threads aren't necessary, let's not fire them up. But if feels like they are, let's.

Common sense should take care of it. Say we miss creating one that should exist and need to patch that up, we can always seed a new thread from existing posts in a thread, etc. Or if we go too granular and one thread is bare, we can fold it into one of the others. We've got the tools to just roll with it.

On the reopening + republishing of rules date, including inviting new moderators to the fold, we'll punt to next weekend. I setup a new mods only forum with some threads to discuss some details last weekend, and hoped to get to the feedback today and tomorrow and maybe reopen on Sunday, but there's not been enough discussion yet, especially on the proposed new mods front.

Some names have been put forward, and there's still time to put yourself (or someone else!) forward too now if you want. So if you fancy helping out, or think someone else might like, just let me know.
[…] we (mods + admins) truly appreciate anyone who has joined Beyond3D and posted something interesting and insightful in the last 25 years or so […]

But what about me? 😭

Anyway, the reopening of the A+P section would be great, I'd appreciate it, even though I haven't been very active here lately. Thank you for giving it a go (along with everything else). My only piece of advice would be to prioritise your time and sanity, so if you find that some people hurt the forum more than they nourish it, just ban them. You could always implement restricted rights for new posters in case they just keep making new accounts.
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Any updates on when the grand reopening for "Architecture and Products" is going to happen? the excitement levels is at an all time high :)
it's been six months since the declaration of intent.
One year since the forum was closed.

Discussion has moved to the industry forum which is inferior in every way and doesn't prevent the flame wars.

Are we going to re open?
No. There's currently only one activate moderator left, and AFAICS no site admin. Those involved in running B3D finally gave up, downed tools and left without notice.

This is one reason why I was in favour of democratised moderation, with selected members having easy ways to vote off topics and members, and elect new key members with voting rights. You want an organic system that can grow and change, new blood in, old blood out, and still sustain itself. All the assigned B3D moderation staff have moved on and nothing functional fills their place.