IGN poll results on interest in next-gen consoles. *spawn

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by Shortbread, Jun 4, 2019.

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    It all depends on what is finally delivered. What's the actual cost of ownership? How much is the box you have to buy? How much is the service? Do you have to buy titles on the service to play them? All titles or only titles that aren't included in a subscription. If there is subscription what is the monthly fee and what do you get with it? What internet infrastructure do you need for a playable experience?

    What is the experience like in an ideal situation (good internet close to data center) versus a less than optimal situation (sketchy internet or long distance from a data center).

    With Stadia they are all in with the streamed experience. With Sony and MS, there's still an option of a local experience.

    MS is likely going to be Stadia's closest competition if speculation is correct that Stadia will be leveraging PC games along side some exclusive content. With MS planning on offering a streaming service as well, how will Stadia stand out? In the best case they'll compete for streaming customers. But even in that case, gaming customers still have an option of a non-streaming experience with MS if they find streaming less than satisfying.

    It gets even murkier if MS's non-streaming solution ends up offering a better experience at the same or cheaper cost (Xbox Game Pass or EA Access).

    We'll be able to get a better grasp of just how Google intends to compete once they release more details on Stadia. But at the moment, it doesn't appear they will be offering anything that MS won't be offering.

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    This can't be claimed without know more about the demographics of the participants. If this was english speakers only, US only, NA only, etc, versus straight up multilingual/global, you'd get different conclusions.
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    Surely (if anything) this poll shows that after all MSs hard work, all their 'u-turns' on policies and 'bigging up' of BC and Game Pass the gamers mind-set is still with Sony. You could argue that with PS4 still having some great games to look forward to that look amazing that's there's little reason to migrate to PS5 (vs Xbox owners who will be wanting this gen to end).

    I don't know, established incredibly popular and well selling IPs vs a couple decent and lot's of new IPs? It's not like Sony are sitting on around scratching their backsides, they will have some nice things they are cooking up.

    Yeah, that's an outliner though...PS5 will not be a vastly over-priced and delayed car crash and I don't need to go into the Wii side of things.
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    Years-long subscriptions together with BC is going to make very hard for a PS4 user go with Xbox Infinite, or XBone user go with PS5.

    The first years of a weak gaming library will be great to play all those plus/gold games that got left behind, and also some unplayed AAA exclusives that might get a downloadable free visuals/performance upgrade (similar to PS4 Pro mode appearing on games that released prior to the console).

    The only way we'll see a mass migration from PS4 to XBInfinite is if the PS5 tanks hard (like Microsoft E3 2013 hard), and vice versa.
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