The Annual E3 Bethesda press conference thread, 2019 edition


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Maybe she's moonlighting from Arsenal matches lol.

That moment when you realised you instructed the paid audience members to go to far,
Not expecting much. Especially when they start off saying they'll be having clips of their fans saying how much they love Bethesda.

Start with Fallout 76 and how bad it was at launch. Now talking about how much they love mobile gaming. And porting a mobile game to Switch. Oooof, not a good start. Hopefully there will be more here than just Doom Eternal.

New IP, Ghostwire Tokyo.

Paranormal...supernatural evil. Spooky.

Looks interesting. People just disappearing.

OK, that might have just saved the Bethesda conference for me.

Oh boy, another mobile game. Oh god, they are murdering Commander Keen. :( OK, conference ruined again.

More on mobile gaming. Wow.

Rage DLC, hard to get excited after all that mobile dreck, but it doesn't look too bad.

Co-op for Wolfenstein Youngblood. Whoa this is a trudge after the MS conference. Why couldn't they have shown this at the start of the conference? And left the crappy mobile for the end?

Arkane studios, hopefully there will be an exciting announcement.

New IP it looks like. Looks like another take on Ground Hogs Day? One on one? Deathloop.

Orion, game streaming. Aimed at developers.

FINALLY, Doom Eternal. OK that looks good. Not sure it was worth sitting through that whole conference, but that looked really good...OK that was worth it.

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darn mobile games. People are cheering like crazy, too exaggerated isn't it?
Painful conference to watch & listen too. (woooooooooooooooo! Yeeaaaahhhh!) just like last year....all CGI trailers besides Doom.. But then again... It's either dev bust their asses for weeks for a few minutes long E3 demo or they continue working on finishing the game... I'll take the second option.. (even if I still hoped to sse SP footage og Gears 5)..
Twitch commentators were saying all the people in the front rows are employees of Bethesda. Not sure if that is true or not.


My guess would be a a mix of employees and handsomely paid off influencers. Game journos may be spineless, easy-to-please shills by and large. But not to such a pathetic degree I'd hope.