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Discussion in 'Industry Jobs' started by Rys, Sep 24, 2014.

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    I'm looking for another graphics demo engineer to join the demo team at PowerVR. It's a newly revamped team now that I look after it, with a focus on high-quality productions rather than a revolving door of demos effectively built using programmer art. The team now has a dedicated technical artist and the rendering guys have a great depth of existing experience, so you'll be joining at the right time to help us take the demos to the next level.

    My ideal candidate would be someone who has made a bunch of their own great looking demos in their own engine, or something like Unity or UDK, and now wants to do it for a living. Ex game devs looking for a change of scenery are also very welcome!

    There's not a job spec up on the careers site yet to cover it, but I'll accept CVs here or via email at ahead of time.

    Any questions, let me know. There's the outside chance that it doesn't need to be UK-based, but it's highly likely I'll want you here in Kings Langley.
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