Battlefield V reflection tech *spawn

Discussion in 'Rendering Technology and APIs' started by DavidGraham, Dec 22, 2018.

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    Company shills and fanboys from the PC GPU side that cant handle the least bit accurate information that paints their beloved company in a less than perfect rosey light, so what we're left with is marketting material fodder that is exactly their company line.
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    Ok expected the cause could be something like that. No one ever claimed either that the BFV RT implementation is perfect, it far from is so.
    I personally dont even own a RTX GPU, not planning on getting one either anytime soon, il wait for the RTX 4000 series or something. Dont feel the need. Im not a Nvidia fanboy either.

    God i honestly wish RT was avaible on AMD's/consoles too, this fanboy thing probally wouldnt exist in this manner.
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    From my side it's a lot more than being excited or not or being a fanboy of something.

    The problem is, with RTX the way RT has to happen in games is carved in stone from now on.
    Limitations has been discussed in older threads: RTX is an implementation of classical raytracing triangle meshes. The BVH is blackboxed. Potential optimizations tailored to a specific need are impossible due to fixed function. (I mean real optimizations, not minor things discussed here)

    Let's make a stupid example with rasterization: Imagine a guy in the 90s works on a FPS and software rasterizer that can draw curved triangles.
    He can draw full 360 degree enviroment by pinching the player backside to the screens edges which allows cool gameplay.
    He can also draw a environment map with just one pass which allows cool reflections.
    He can also raster voxel landscapes and bump maps. Awesome and so cool.
    He can do a lot more things he never told us.

    Then 3Dfx comes up with HW rasterization, but because it can not draw curved triangles the guys work is incompatible. 3Dfx can't do bump maps or voxels either at that time.
    The guy is frustrated because he can't catch up with high resolution. He has the greatest game of that time, but all people just play lame Quke on their 3Dfx GPUs. He jumps out of the window and all the greatness is lost. Haha :)

    With raytracing the damage is much larger because unlike rasterization there are infinite ways to optimize it. The restriction to triangles is also a big one.
    That's why i personally wanted improved compute instead. Classic rt would be slower than with fixed function HW, but with clever optimization this could be compensated a lot if not completely already, and on the long run it would be even better.
    Now most people say: "It will be opened up with time, there will be programmable features, Fixed function is necessary for perf, blah, blah..." - but still, we can not draw curved triangles. ;)
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    This thread is not about discussing the future of RT on RTX, nor the value of RTX, nor the value of raytracing. It is for discussing the technology of reflections as implemented in Battlefield V.
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    Cringe worthy
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    Leather-jacketed hype man
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