Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate now Includes EA Play! [XGP, GamePass]

Arnold Beckenbauer

hmmm more expensive than the $30/yr for EA Access...but i'm guessing title selection is much more vast.

Personally I don't play enough games to pay $120 year for this. But for the vast majority of gamers it's probably worth it.

Edit: also worth noting...EA (not surprising), Activision and Ubisoft are not among the publishers that are a part of this.
It sounds like a lot, but it's a cost of 2 games.
If there's 3 games you want to play in it, it may have already payed for itself.
Not for me personally, but can definitely see the value in it for many gamers.
Yeah, I like they are giving gamers options, but it's not something I would pay for when I already get 4 free games a month with my yearly Gold subscription. It would need to cost about $5 for me to jump in.

Tommy McClain
looks good if you have time to enjoy all those games and do not already own what I assume is a large back catalogue offering.

Payday 2, interesting choice of "fan favorite"
Another use case is, only buy 2-3 months when kids are off on holiday, for that price they have a lot of games to play etc.
Even just playing a few games at that price could be a good deal for them.

Not read the page yet, so guess it depends on the catalogue. but just for a holiday thing I'm sure would find enough games to make it worthwhile for $30?
Depending on the library this could be very good for casuals. Lots of people play but never finish games, they just want to mull through new content. There are some folks that can play a game for thousands of hours, and there are some that can only play through the first chapter.

It's good to have options, I don't know if this is the right fit for me, I guess it depends on the library.

If players to mock XBO lack of game library, by making it unlimited and available (for cheap) then perhaps they're more likely to try those games they've never considered.

Like Ryse... Sunset Overdrive... Ori.. etc. Also could help them in ramping up hype for their new game releases (much like movies sequels being released and the originals just showing up on Netflix right before)

Also makes a strong case for Scorpio upgraders, you may not necessarily go back and rebuild a catalog of older titles just to see the graphical fidelity increase -- but through this program you'd be able to for cheap.

Strategically great move by MS imo.
Commercially smart move by MS. They have the infrastructure all setup so building another revenue stream with existing content makes sense. I haven't looked into the details of the games available to but if you're a heavy gamers but also on a budget this might make sense instead of trying to buy everything at full retail, day and date.
Good option for more casual gamers that aren't concerned about playing the latest and greatest. Or maybe good option for hardcore gamers that want to burn through a bunch of catalog titles that they missed.
I quote myself from another thread:

I wish Microsoft could make a service like EA Access only for Japanese games to support Japanese developers/publishers and also to introducing Japanese games to Xbox gamers.

Xbox Game Pass seems to be a perfect platform to support niche games that are less popular among Xbox players. I hope that one of the main Spencer objectives from his recent trip to Japan has been getting support from Japanese publisher for XGP.
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$13.99/month Canadian...or about $168/yr. Not worth it in my opinion especially considering these are not going to be new games. Halo 5 has been on sale for $20 at times. The other games in that image are not exactly expensive either...especially when you factor in how good sales on Xbox have become for older games..

Then consider that the games are being cycled in/out on a monthly basis...and that you still have to purchased them at a discount to own them outright...

This program is only good for those who are buying several hundred dollars worth of games a year imo....and is probably pointless for those who only play the latest games.

The only way I would ever consider this is if Microsoft started including it's newest first party titles right away on release. Otherwise I don't think it's that great of a deal.
That's a good point. If the games are only old, probably better off buying them cheap in sales.
We could make a similar point to movies in the bargain bin... Netflix still has an insane number of subscribers.
Its an option, I get it's not for everyone, movie goers go to theaters to watch the movies they want to, but not everyone can.
We could make a similar point to movies in the bargain bin... Netflix still has an insane number of subscribers.
Its an option, I get it's not for everyone, movie goers go to theaters to watch the movies they want to, but not everyone can.
Everybody likes to compare everything with Netflix...but I think there is a difference between Netflix and the gaming industry.

Netflix does well because it competing directly with other subscription models that were much more expensive with crappy content choices (aka cable subscriptions). $9/$10 a month vs $40/$50 a month is about as easy as a decision gets.

Gaming industry never really had subscription bundles for the games themselves. So it's not a direct comparison in my view.
I think MS really needs to stop doing things like this:

As we prepare to launch Project Scorpio this holiday, bringing the most powerful console ever made to the Xbox One family of devices, we continue to make platform improvements to connect the growing community of players on Xbox Live and add to a robust and diverse portfolio of games across Xbox One and Windows 10.

Because I've already read on a number of other forums the confusion this has caused by some thinking that Game Pass is going to include W10. I see this is a general introductory paragraph that then goes into the specifics of Game Pass that has nothing to do at all with W10. But their messaging is confusing.