What Anime are you watching now?


Characters and stories have diluted, seems like a lot of things just are not being even considered when creating them.
i wonder if thats why destiny 1 and 2 are popular in japan. Destiny, especially destiny 1, have very anime story, and multi colored / styled characters.

and now i wonder when did the trend to no longer have varied looking characters? even worst are the females in school-setting, many (all?) of them look the same except for boobs size and hair design.
Hajime no Ippo camo to Netflix and is still fun.

Monster came as well, but only 30 episodes.
Highly recommended.
Hajime no Ippo camo to Netflix and is still fun.

Monster came as well, but only 30 episodes.
Highly recommended.

Monster is indeed great!

Bocchi the Rock was like, nice.
Ive only watched the half of the 1st episode. Seems it follows the anime trope where often the main character is a friendless loner that one day something happens in their life and their life start getting more and more social.
Btw boccie the rock is in Sony ces 2023 montage video, together with more "high budget" shows like SAO and lycoris recoil.
Because it looks better than either of those.
hmm, maybe better in placing high-effort animations. SAO's high-effort animations are all over the place, while lycoris is lush or drought. Bocchi is much better spread.

oh hey! hopefully there will be anime VR trailers for PSVR2, like kizumonogatari on psvr1. it was amazing little experience!
The voice acting in bocchi the rock are Hella cut but still feel grounded. Dunno how they did that.

Btw new anime about a magic less magician was surprisingly good
gundam, good.

80000 gold coins.... uh.... did the animators even get paid? the anime look AND sounds like a very low budget production.

nier: mixed-bag 2D (the quality goes up and down wildly), bad 3D (like.... very jarring).
whoa...whoa WHOA!!!!

oshi no ko

is.... is.... no words can be enough to describe how ridiculously good it is.

it felt like watching a pilot episode of a high-budget western series, but this time, its an anime, from japan, complete with the unique japanese touches. Now im concerned wheter the following episodes can sustain the quality...
holy shit the latest episode of oshi no ko....

did the original author and the anime team work together with a
consultant or something?

the "inner toughs" and the atmosphere presented was pretty spot on. felt very close to what i've experienced years ago.
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Totally spaced this was based off a manga, found it online last night and FREAKED at how well the anime follows the manga! If anything the anime is actually a little better than the manga imho, and that's rare!

I was up until 3:30am reading it, I'm now on chapter 86 and it ain't disapointing me at all! Fantastic story that's very well told, the characters are incredible! Thanks for reminding me about the manga, if anyone is wondering the latest episode ending ends at chapter 26 of the manga and I think there's 119 chapters currently translated. :D