What is your LARGEST Anime Torrent Downloaded?

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Like the title sez, wot is the largest Anime series you downloaded via bittorrent - that is not a DVD iso or contains the Video_TS directory, in MPEG1/2 format, its name and size.

Mine at present is Hunter x Hunter clocking in at 11.37 GB but this will be broken in sometime as i am also downloading the Anime Shaman King which weights in at 13.06 GB :).

Also doing the Anime Slam Dunk [just over 12 gigs].

Wot aboot yowse.

Come and have a go if you think you iz gimp enuff :D
Hate to admit this, but the full set of 167 InuYasha episodes which is 32Gigs. Mostly mixed format of DiVX and OGMs.
Can't remember.

And yay! I'm just as interesting as every other post in this thread shall be! ;)

Oh fine:
Kojimiti Nsijimosha!
Having thought carefully about this for a bit now, I'm closing this thread and putting up the following notice: Discussions of audio and movie downloads (such of the ilk above), where the sources are not made clear, will be locked and then deleted. If the sources are made clear and they are perfectly legitimate, then the thread will remain open.
Not open for further replies.