What Anime are you watching now?


Yep, like i sez, what anime are you watching now?

I'm watching Mobile Suit Gundam Eps 1-43. At the moment i'm on eps 13 and loving it. I also keep an eye on Fullmetal panic TSR, sort of like a TV show [i just posted a link to the ep 05 RAW on Elite Bastards]. Currently waiting for Bazuka or how ever the fook you spell their name to release the English subs of EP 05. Also waiting for Eps 13 or Trinity Blood and the finals of He is my Master eps 10-12. Sheesh, these guys are taking their time :D

What aboot yowse. What are you watching at the moment.

Also what are you in the process or *cough* acquiring?

I am *cough* acquiring, Slam Dunk, Hunter X Hunter, Infinite Ryvious, Shaman King and some weird are name i can't spell [O think its Mahoromatic]

What aboot yowse.
Anxiously awaiting the arrival of Paranoia Agent vol. 4 and Texhnolyze vol. 6. Just nabbed ROD TV vol. 6 and Ghost in the Shell : Stand Alone Complex vol. 5. Finally got Full Metal Alchemist vol. 2 a wee while back, seems to be shaping up as a fun series.

Debating acquiring Planetes volumes 1 & 2 direct from the US. The two disc releases sound especially sweet.
Funny that you ask, I just finished watching "Bleach Season 1", its a tremendously good Anime. The characters are all very likeable and all are funny at one point or another. The main character is kinda cliche, but hes grown on me throughout the first season. The 15th episode is soo funny, it basically has a subplot that focuses on the "Teddy Bear/Soul"....oh man...I love that episode so much...

Since I finished the first season of Bleach (I don't know the current situation on the second season), i'm currently *COUGH*acquiring*COUGH* Naruto Season 4-5. I left off at Season 3 I believe...and am currently re interested in the series. I finshed getting season 5 (I originally thought thats where I left off, but was season 4 in actuallity), i'm currently..errr..getting, season 4.
Just got done watching Bleach #44 and am really loving the series.

Azumanga Daioh, Rurouni Kenshin, and School Rumble I'm working my way thru...I weekly watch Bleach, Naruto, & FMP:TSR.
Mobile Suit Gundam, as in 0079? Shudder :p

I'm currently watching (and obsessing daily) over Gundam Seed Destiny. Ep 43 will be out saturday night/sunday morning.. we're on the home run stretch where everyone gets bling-bling, pimped out mobile suits and all the characters get killed off. Good times!!

digitalwanderer said:
Just got done watching Bleach #44

:eek: The weekly Bleach episodes (wink wink) are they english subbed? If so...then i'm going to download me some Bleach every week.
Recently fiinished xenosaga the animation.
Finishing kiddy-grade and harlock.
I'm at ep19 of Gundam s-destiny(feels like gundam seed all over again)
Naruto 144(fck those filler episodes)
Bleach 3(could get interesting)
Aquarion 10(This series is one of my favorites!!! Even the opening gives me some good laughs. BTW could some mod change my name to Apollo or Apollonius :mrgreen: ? )
Tsukuyomi 9(cat ears mode? damn yeah.)
karas 1(could get interesting)
Hmmm, what's that?
The grin should have given you some hint... it's hentai (LBG = La Blue Girl).

Currently, shows catching my fancy -- Bleach, Naruto, Gunslinger Girl, Gundam Seed Destiny, re-watching some older ones like Rurouni Kenshin, Fruits Basket, Fushigi Yuugi, Utena.

Manga reading at this time is dominated by Naruto and Deathnote. Deathnote is particularly awesome the way the characters just seem to be one-upping each other back and forth with how clever they can be, but it keeps jumping groups lately.
There was one I used to like alot..Something Something Kenshi? Kenshi in Tokyo? It used to be on the block of anime the Cartoon Network had.
Hanners said:
Bleach and Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid are about all I have time to keep up with these days.

So much anime I'd like to watch, so little time...
You really should catch up on Naruto too, even though it's filler it's really picking up into something decent....Narutos latest badguy is the guy from the very first episode who tricked him into stealing the secret scroll of seals, which I just found a cool tie-in.

I'm just getting ready to sit down with my first cup of coffee for the day and watch it now. (It's 4:25pm here and I'm just getting ready to have my first cup of coffee, want to guess what kind of day I've had? :( )

Oh, and Bleach is most definately english subbed. The best (and most legal) place for keeping up to date with releases is Baka Updates. ("Baka" means "idiot" in japanese, btw ;) )

Baka updates only posts up legal fansubs, once a show gets licensed in the US they instantly pull 'em down...that's why I feel safe linking them here.

(But mininova usually gets 'em first... *wink* )

And Snipe, I said I was sorry about that one...I really thought it was Naruto.

Time to do a real quick hunt for the latest episode of FMP:TSR as Bakazou should be coming out anytime now, they're not only good but they are FAST! (And I got to chat with the lady who does the video encoding and she not only takes pride in her work but she does a fantastic job at it....some of the very best viddy quality of any of the sub groups working FMP:TSR, IMHO)
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Hrmm... not quite sure. It's got some tentacle rape in it for starters... whoops! That describes at least 60% of the anime in existance! :D
I actually watched Ninja Scroll last week.

I just bought the Superbit version of Heavy Metal which ain't anime (should be watching that tonight).
MasterBaiter said:
Hrmm... not quite sure. It's got some tentacle rape in it for starters... whoops! That describes at least 60% of the anime in existance! :D
I actually watched Ninja Scroll last week.

I just bought the Superbit version of Heavy Metal which ain't anime (should be watching that tonight).

Hentai and Anime....same animal...different species.....Anime generally doesn't have tentacle rape scenes....that more the field of hentai...i would say 60% of henti has tentacle sex.....well thats a guess but more than 60% if the ones i've seen has Tentacle sex...and i ain't watching any more...been put right of it...due to the flurry of scat hentai films......rough.