The digital revolution of the electronic components industry

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    Wisebatt has published a white paper exploring the digital revolution of the electronic components industry. This report features insights regarding the market challenges, the changing competitive environment and the evolution of customers’ expectations - while suggesting solutions to adapt marketing and sales strategies.

    The electronic components industry is at the core of the whole electronics value-chain and is the forerunner for tomorrow’s technologies. For this reason, silicon vendors are subjected to fierce market pressures such as quicker innovation pace, shorter lead times and lower costs. Yet, the digital revolution faced by the industry seems to create a new paradigm. Historical strategies might no longer be sufficient to stand out from this highly competitive market.

    Indeed, as the report suggests, digitization is increasingly shifting the industry’s attention to customers’ expectations. Analysis, comprehension and customization are now key to keep up with the competition. In order to be in line with this new paradigm, silicon vendors will have to implement digital solutions into their sales and marketing strategies.

    Based on market research, studies and articles, this report introduces how digital solutions allow companies to build a customer-centric approach. It draws on Wisebatt’s background in supporting electronic engineers in their choice of components and the development of their device. “Digitization has dramatically changed the way customers see, react to and interact with companies - the electronic components industry is not exempt from this paradigm shift. As this paper suggests, the answer lies in the use of digital technologies to answer to changing customers’ expectations”. Wilfried Dron, CEO at Wisebatt.

    The white paper can be downloaded for free at:

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