Qualcomm acquires startup of former Apple employees to better compete vs. Apple

Discussion in 'Mobile Industry' started by wco81, Jan 13, 2021.

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    One of the comments alludes to some of Nuvia's engineers being the one to design the Apple A13.

    So maybe SnapDragon was kind of at a dead end for performance improvements and Qualcomm was worried about being competitive with iOS devices?

    Maybe the ARM Macs also raised alarm that non-Apple SOCs were falling behind performance-wise.

    But this deal could give Qualcomm opportunities in desktops, automotive as well as mobile.
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    They lost their uarch team with Centriq's death, afaik.

    However, unless if they want their 5G/future infrastructure chips/IP to be forever dependent on Intel, Marvell, etc, they still need a reasonably high performance CPU with a focus on throughput. Same with managed switches to a lessor degree, IMO.

    So I view Nuvia's acquisition as trying to right the ship after Centriq's failure, more than trying to make another Cortex-A competitor. They might be mutual, of course, but I feel their focus is on network infrastructure, then DC, then client, when it comes to this acquisition.

    Now they have a silicon/arch engineer leading the company, so hopefully they can hold onto the Nuvia folks after their contract(s) (from the acquisition) expire.

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