The Complete List of PC Ray Traced Titles with Classification

While we're on that topic:
Starship Troopers: Extermination Update 0.6.2 Patch Notes
Global Illumination
  • We have added two new settings in Global Illumination
    • Lumen HWRT
      is hardware ray tracing, it uses the physical GPU hardware.
    • Lumen SWRT
      is a compute shader (software only) and does the ray tracing internally
Please make sure your hardware supports these settings, as performance may be impacted.
UE5 titles with Software Lumen are present since 2020, I didn't add them because it was implied that UE5 titles with Lumen already support software RT, even if they had hardware RT. It's a known quantity. Instead, I only add UE5 titles with hardware Lumen, RT shadows, or Path Tracing.

Don't you mean software not hardware?

Oh they are relevant, which is why they are included in the first category, it's just that UE5 games with Lumen are known to operate as compute ray tracing.
Sorry, yes i meant harDware :D

But ok, thank for your answer i understand better. I may should dig into the different methods of applying RT XD

Added Synced, released in 2023, and supports RT reflections.

Added Retreat to Enen, released in 2022, supports RT reflections.

Added Soulmate, released in 2021 and supports RT reflections.

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