Spotify Premium fiasco

Discussion in 'Mobile Software' started by orangpelupa, Jan 1, 2017.

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    Hey it's a me Mario! orangpelupa!

    As usual. Got tech problem again. This time, it's Spotify premium.

    It was a bright day with nice breeze. I can feel the fresh air around me while my fingers tips-tapping on a piece of glass, surfing the Internet.

    BAM! Spotify ads keeps showing again and again, offering me #comeback promo. A promo where lapsed premium customer can get back to premium for 3 months just by paying for 1 month.

    "Oookay.. I don't really need it but hey, it's a nice deal." or so I thought.

    After a few taps... for some unknown reason, Spotify said I'm not eligible. When I tried to find out the detailed requirements for this promo, they simply gave me 404 error page not found.

    "Okay orange! You have gone this far! Don't give up! ", I told myself.

    So I posted my problem on Spotify support forum, waited for a day... And got no answer. I asked them on twitter, got answer, and they told me to get a premium and they will manually add 2 months.

    "awesome! This will work!".

    Okay, so I buy Spotify premium thru my cell operator, and then... *BEEP BEEP INCOMING SMS*

    "hello dear customer, please login to Spotify with the following username and password"

    What the...

    My cell operator created a new Spotify account for me instead of adding a premium to my current account.

    This is weird. Months ago I used my cell operator to pay for premium with no problem.

    So I send them a tweet, no answer. Despite they say they active for 24/7.

    "now what?"

    As I scrolled down on the support page, I saw a premium phone number for support call. I quickly checked my cell credit and it's enough for one call.

    "okay, let's do this!"

    I call their premium number (jeez! Indosat ooredoo!) and the support guy listened to my problem and he said that they will contact me tomorrow via SMS.


    They said they need to do some investigation before they can do something.


    With a premium support call, I thought they will simply refund my Spotify premium...

    "Huh. At least nothing else is broken,...."


    my CCTV <- Force majeur, it got shorted when my home got hit by heavy rain.

    And my guest's helmet was stolen in broad daylight while my CCTV is still offline.


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