I just realized that not a lot of people know there are pirated music in Spotify


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Seems this piece of information didn't spread to techies and also didn't get traction in any mainstream media. Just like the issue of some YouTube review team abusing their authority to demonetized some channels with zero warning.

Anyway there's an old article
Related article https://www.rollingstone.com/music/...cords-catalog-over-disputed-royalties-201247/

Basically when Spotify dunno who to pay for license, they YOLO it. They provide the music streaming without license (thus they are providing pirated music streams).

That article is old. But I still found pirated music in 2021. Dunno in 2022.

This basically makes me realize that most people consume information from very few sources. Like Just their 1-2 fave website. Or even worse, from Facebook group. Instead of browsing the sea of information.

That's why echo chambers and misinformation spreads like wildfire. It was not just because "news" media often regurgitate the same thing again and again without checking the source. It was a really complex problem from many many factors.

All these time I thought it was mainly due to social media algorithm optimizing each user front page for engagements and news media chasing clicks