Microsoft Edge *spin-off from Consoles*

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    Chromium and Blink do come with a free, open-source license, but for all intents and purposes they are owned and developed by Google, with the help of the Chromium community.

    Free/open/open-source licenses are copyright licenses and the source code is still copyright-protected - exclusive rights assumed by the creator are not waived or transferred, but rather licensed to anyone on permissive terms.
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    Chrome is really starting to piss me off right now. After a day or two being open with multiple tabs and multiple windows, it'll just stop responding to user input. Task manager shows it as still running as normal (no, no responding tag), but you can't actually do anything with it. Can't move the windows, can't select other tabs, can't minimize or restore windows, etc. Can't close Chrome normally.

    The only thing I can do is end task on it and start it up again. Thank goodness Chrome at least saves the status of the tabs, except for the last one opened before it goes unresponsive, otherwise I'd be really raging right now.

    So much for my attempt to move away from Edge for mainline work and use Chrome instead. Piece of casual rubbish, just as bad as Edge but in different ways (for example, drains excessive battery on mobile devices, unless they FINALLY fixed that. It's been a problem for many years).

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