Asgard's Wrath

Discussion in 'VR and AR' started by xexuxjy, Oct 14, 2019.

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    Checked it out, the exploration is excellent from what I saw, but the combat was horribly executed, IMO. The God powers with the kind of mini-RTS/minion thingy was kind of cool as well.

    If you just quickly waggle your weapon around you have the basic effect of having a Quisinart attached to your arm and many enemies just melt. It's incredibly immersion breaking. I'm not sure if anything can be done to fix this in VR games that have a melee focus, however.

    Inventory management was kind of cool but also kind of clunky. You can grab things and use hand motions to put items into inventory. The implementation there was fantastic.

    But to access inventory and get items you have to open menus and use a pointer interface. They need to find a better way to access and get things out of inventory, IMO. For example, once you have inventory open, why can't you just grab items out of there like you can in the "world"? And for that matter, why not open your inventory bag when you put an empty hand down by your waist and hold it there for a couple seconds (so it doesn't accidentally think you're trying to do it when you aren't trying to do it?). It's the one part of the game that doesn't really feel like it got finished.

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