The Annual E3 Bethesda press conference thread, 2016 edition

More Lovecraftian feel of the game in level and enemy design - perhaps even weapons - compared to the original would be welcome. A: we're not inundated with old gods styled shooters to begin with, and 2: Cthulhu mythos-themed stories can be very interesting and engaging if done properly. Also, III: the "story" of old Quake was even flimsier and less genuine than DOOM's, and completely unsatisfying. I only ever played through all of Quake once, and I had to more or less force myself to do it, the levels and monsters were so terrible-looking and boringly designed. An endboss named Shub-niggurath does not a cool game make.

It's just lame namestealing, and nothing more. id can do better than that today, I wager...

Of course, there's no guarantee this is the direction they'll go, but this is from where the original game drew at least some of its inspiration, so if they don't intend to do away with everything and make completely new everything and only keep the name like the whitewashed Prey 2 was going to be, years ago, I don't know what they'd do, seriously.

The world is full of derivative shooting games. Stick with the original theme. If you wanna start fresh, then make a new game with a new name. Also, we've fought the Strogg enough times by now, and those were stupid enemies to begin with I always thought. Like less-intimidating Borg, really. Certainly less effective. One humie with a shotgun brought their empire down after all! :p
The quake stories might as well just be integrated into the Doom universe in different time periods.
Quake should have just been Doom 3. :p Then again Quake was originally supposed to be an open world RPG. Carmack talked about it quite a bit when you fingered ( ) him way back before Quake was officially in production. And look how that turned out? :D

I had to put that link in there just so people knew what fingering someone meant back then on the internet. :D

From portal shenanigans to cyberized monsters, Quake 2/4 just lacks the erm... religious hell aspect. Weapons are already somewhat shared there (e.g. railgun, BFG in terms of fantasy weaponry). With D4 introducing the Night Sentinel backstory, they could shoehorn/retcon with a Q1-theme in a previous Age. With the stories merged there, they can just keep the Quake name for MP.
Yeah, Quake was a bit strange. At least the first one due to the pre-production RPG influence. I mean you had knights...with swords. And a nail-gun. You had Hell sorta. Quake 2 went full on Cybernetic humans and demon-ish type things on another world with space ships (only in cutscenes) and drop pods. It basically just pretended like Quake 1 never existed.

So Fallout 4 VR exclusive to the vive headset ? Did I hear that right ?

Bethesda still salty that John went to Oculus huh
That's not the Quake I was expecting

Yeah, that isn't Quake. It's bullshit (pardon the language).

Where is Quake?? Any trailer?

Flush it down the toilet already. Bethesda has no F-ing clue what made the multiplayer in Doom and Quake so good.

Apparently this is going to go the hero shooter route. That means powers on cooldown. Probably limited arsenal. Basically pure unadulterated smelly crap for an iD multiplayer shooter.

An iD shooter should be fast paced, have the ability to pick up and use every single weapon in the level including weapons dropped by your opponents, health and armor pickups for strategic play, limited short duration power ups which force engagements at key points on the map, etc.

If Bethesda wanted to go the Hero Shooter route (similar to Overwatch and Battleborn) they should have used the Dishonored franchise for that. Dishonored is a perfect base for a Hero Shooter with their focus on weapon combat as well as various powers.

Instead they are going to rape and pervert one of the most beloved multiplayer arena shooters ever created.

You almost had me forgive you for the utter stinking slimy misguided pile of feces that was the new Doom multiplayer by actually doing a fairly good job with the Doom single player. But if you fuck with Quake multiplayer like this. F-U.