Support for Machine Learning (ML) on PS5 and Series X?

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    You are absolutely right. Which is why I compared BCPACK to it. Not aware if same applies for Kraken with RDO encoding (oodle texture), though I guess it must be.
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    Yes. RDO doesn't compress the textures outside of BCn compression. It just arranges the BCn compression more effectively allowing the load to restore the original BCn. Presently we have:

    Raw image -> BCn data on disc -> load BCn -> BCn texture in RAM ready to use
    Raw image -> BCn data -> RDO'd data on disc -> load RDO data -> BCn texture in RAM ready to use
    Raw image -> JPEG data on disc -> load JPEG -> decompress to image data -> turn into BCn -> BCn texture in RAM ready to use

    Where 'JPEG' can be any data format including PNG for lossless quality.
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    Instead of choosing quality or compression factor as a single determiner of output, RDO wieghs both quality and compression ratio. In other words, RDO will choose higher compression ratios when loss of quality is minimal or choose less compression when loss of quality is too high.

    RDO comes from the video codec world, where rate refers to bit rate and distortion refers to loss of quality.

    RDO uses the original texture image but happens after block compression and before lossless.
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