Subscriptions and Donations

@Rys input would be welcome as to the easiest way to proceed.
Maybe a warning message upon subscribing would be welcome if nothing can be easily automated? Telling users to remove the previous subscription manually if they so wish
yeah, that's what i'm saying. the system keeps the old subscriptions active which is prolly not most intuitive

Weird. I've just checked I have both a monthly and annual subscription - I don't even remember subscribing to the annual one. That said, PayPal has no record of any annual payments for that amount and if I click the [Beyond3D] link to cancel it, PayPal only shows the monthly subscription. I am very confused. :runaway:
i also have two subscriptions active atm on the beyon3d site. Even after I've cancelled one of them manually on Paypal, it is still dangling here on b3d side
No snap backs please, let us have a bit of class and comfort!

Hmmmm, could I make B3D merch? Just realized I have a friendly graphic shops person with an embroidery machine my son taught them how to use to do hats on....
Firstly, sorry it's taken me so long to reply here. @BRiT did prod me that there were questions pending but I haven't had the time to take more than a cursory look, and I didn't want to chime in without knowing exactly what was going on.

I've delved into the user upgrade system and, as I originally configured it, the system won't lock you out from regrading to another tier (either up or down) while you have an active subscription. However, my expectation was that if you did, it'd cancel the one you had and put you onto the new one you wanted, and work out any pro-rated aspect. That's clearly not happening.

So what I'll do is lock out other tiers if you have one active, so that you have to purposely stop the one you currently have to move to a new one. The system doesn't appear to have the ability to let you regrade in a nice way, which sucks, but it is what it is.

As for those of you on multiple tiers, of which I think there are only two: I'll work out any overlap in subscription payments, refund you what you've also paid at the original tier you were on, and cancel your original subscription so there's just one active. I'll do that now after hitting reply on this post!
After reconciling the list of user subscriptions, 6 users were affected (@entity279, @DSoup, @Malo, @Ethatron, @willardjuice and @iroboto), but only @entity279 was in a poor state of having two active paying subscriptions running at the same time; the others had one active paying subscription and one "permanent" one-off paid subscription from when the system was first configured in 2015.

For those 5 users I've manually downgraded/removed those one-offs, leaving the recurring ones active. @entity279, you have two paid overlapping subscriptions for the last 11 months, so you'll see $22 show up in your PayPal account soon from Beyond3D (11 months at the $2 tier price).

I've also locked out being able to buy multiple subscriptions at once. You can downgrade/cancel manually and upgrade again at any time.

Let me know if anyone has any other questions, and sorry again it took so long to work on this.
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Thanks Rys! I got the money. I should have stated explicitly that I didn't need the money back . Everything I get these days is materialized into prohibitely expensive hifi gear , for better or for worse..
Glad you fixed the root cause.
While at it: Any chance of Donations coming back in some form? For some reason, I like those more than subscriptions.
Yes, I plan to work on that as part of the upgrade to XF2 at the end of the year. Can't promise anything, but that is on my list to fix.
I've been hoping for a while to 'stumble organically' upon a post, signature, or any reference for how to subscribe to or donate to the site, and thus far have come up empty. Apologize in advance for the silly question, but is there a link somewhere that I'm missing? :)