Software Design Engineer (DM91)

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    Oct 20, 2011
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    This role involves liaising with the driver developers, hardware developers and the simulation team right through to the product management and release engineers. This will bring you into contact with current and future generations of POWERVR graphics hardware targeted at a wide range of desktop and embedded devices. The role covers the whole area of POWERVR development and suits outgoing graduate engineers who like to have a wide and varied involvement within development.

    Working as a part of a team, as a graduate engineer, the role suits a person who is keen to experience the development process as a whole, gaining valuable detailed exposure to both software and hardware development as well as touching on product management and customer issues.

    You will have some or all of the following responsibilities:
    • Overseeing the flow of several products from driver build, through to simulation, emulation, verification and release
    • Maintaining and developing scripts and applications to enable you and other engineers to manage and operate the development flow
    • Managing and scripting for pre-production embedded devices
    • Managing the latest virtualisation technologies for a wide range of operating systems

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