Scammers, thieves and con artists in the digital era

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grall, Jan 20, 2011.

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    Reading what people like this guy here has done, and then seeing their ugly, hairy and unkempt mugs makes me want to smash in their faces with a tennis racquet.

    "But why a tennis racquet to the face?", I hear you say.

    "Because using a guitar would ruin the guitar", is my simple response.

    I can't help thinking that totally going Sharia law on the asses of wankers like these people maybe wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. I mean, you basically deserve whatever you get if you deliberately set out to screw over what amounts to a large city's worth of people, all for your own amusement, and/or profit.

    ...Yeah, electing me Supreme Dictator-for-life probably wouldn't be the smartest thing planet earth could do, as I'd probably overreact in situations such as this one. Don't listen to anything I have to say! :lol:

    Now, trying to be serious here, the depressing aspect is we're only going to see more of these types of mass-scale hack attacks from here on out, and the law doesn't seem to take them seriously enough. ONE count of fraud and conspiracy each? Why not 100k counts each, that's what they deserve. Maybe THAT would make some of these aceholes think twice before trying to become the next real-life Johnny Mnemonic....
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    Of course, you have to be careful here. This is basically why we have (or had) these stupid "600x fine over piracy" policies.

    Personally I think a lawful punishment should be proportional to the damage done (or could be done). In this case, they stole a lot of e-mail addresses, which could cause a lot of damage, but since they didn't cause the damage, it should be considered in the verdict. If they already sold these e-mail addresses then I agree they should receive more severe punishment.

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