Rumor: Sony to Acquire Bluepoint Games [2020-11]

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by Shortbread, Nov 12, 2020.

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    "I talked/teased on the forum about something I've heard from someone I know personally a few days ago. I also talked with Transistor about it.
    I'll be very upfront and say I wasn't able to verify both of my "sources" to the team over at ERA. The reason I couldn't verify my second source is that the source wouldn't comply. I know that raises some alarms, but I have chosen to believe this particular source for multiple reasons.

    According to my source that is familiar with the development team Bluepoint Games, they're finalizing a deal right now. It seems like Demon's Souls was kind of the "final test", and based on positive reactions, and the fact that Bluepoints work ethic has proven impressive once again Sony started acquisition-based talks with the studio.

    The important parts of the deal are as follows

    From Bluepoint's angle:
    • They want to make sure they get a shot at an original IP, they don't want to be simply a "remake studio" (Even if they make more remakes)
    • While they value and love their independence, they also realize the industry is rapidly growing and evolving. They feel comfortable with their existing partnership with Sony and decided to sell to them.
    From Sony's angle:
    • Very impressed with the work-ethic from Bluepoint. Creates groundbreaking remakes, at a good pace.
    • They have a good relationship with other SIE studios, particularly Sony Japan Studios that they worked together with during both Shadow of the Colossus and Demon's Souls. (Ape Escape fans, whatupppp) ((that wasn't an ape escape remake teaser, literally don't know anything about what they're doing after souls))
    • The expertise, skill, and tech that Bluepoint has for their remakes can be used for future projects not necessarily made by them. (In other words, if Team Asobi decides to create an Ape Escape Remake, they can go to Bluepoint for help)
    The deal is being finalized and should be announced shortly, the time period I've been given is that it'll happen before February 28th. If it doesn't, it might not happen/be false information given to me. This means that you're free to discredit me as it most likely won't happen for one reason or another. (Feel free to do so earlier, if you feel like it) If for example Bluepoint or Sony declines this rumor, once again feel free to discredit me. I want to be crystal clear that I've gotten this piece of information from someone I trust, that I believe have a very good reason to know something like this.

    I've talked with Transistor the last few days and agreed on the following:
    If this doesn't happen before February 28th, they'll ban my account and I'll leave this site forever. IF THIS HAPPENS, PLEASE READ: I beg some of you to carry my Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 hopes up. I need to know that the hype train will never die! We'll one day get a Playstation crossover <3

    Until the announcement, all I can say is: Enjoy next-gen everyone. I hope some of you get to play the new consoles, I can't wait until the 19th when it lands in Europe. Also feel free to send questions and I'll do my best to reply to them."

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    This wouldn't come wholly a surprise, they're a very technically competent team that have been entrusted with some of Sony's most important IP.

    But that said, they don't make their own games. That's a big jump unless Sony want a not notch in-house porting team but given PS4 is backwards compatible with PS4, there seems to be less need of that unless the aim to to remaster some much older games. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Considering that so far that port of Demon's Souls is the most impressive launch title for this next generation across both consoles, this wouldn't be a bad pickup. I'm incredibly impressed by the graphical work that was done for Demon's Souls and while I wasn't that impressed with the work done for Shadow of the Colossus (because I absolutely ADORED the original and it's look and IMO, the remake while technically good, differed from the original enough that I just didn't like the look), I've thus far been impressed by the quality of the work they do.

    This is a little bit of an aside that relates this. I'm still of an opinion that a PC release was on the cards up until it turned out that consumer reaction to the Demon's Souls reveal was on par or greater than Sony's 1st party launch releases. Thus the PC release got canned in favor of leveraging all of that consumer attention on the PS5. IMO, it truly is the PS5 tentpole release for this upcoming generation.

    I think it'd be a suitable reward for Bluepoint if Sony picked them up. I also think it'd be a great pickup by Sony as Bluepoint has done some great work for them.

    I wonder what Bluepoint would make if given the chance to make a AAA IP of their own design. Color me interested to see what they would try to do. Are they just good engine techs and artists? Or will they also be good at game design (much harder). I'm all for giving them a chance to find out.

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    I just remembered that I never finished the remake of Shadow of the Colossus!

    Sony should just get this over and done with - you never know that MS might swoop in with an M&S bag full of cash and take them away! I don't see this happening but at the same time, these days cash is king.
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    I think for now they should do what they are great in and thats remakes (at least as they are still some other old playstation titles that would be good candidates for remake)

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