ROPs and GCN cores

Discussion in 'Beginners Zone' started by TomRL, Aug 3, 2014.

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    That is a very good question. I suppose this limitation is because of some old FL 11_0 hardware.
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    I played a bit with OpenGL lately, and image2D (and siblings) are much more accessible that the DX stuff. You can have R/W to any texture type you want, and you can address all subresources.
    It's from 2011, the EXT was from 2010. As much problems as the ARBs/EXTs make for understanding the API (those files are essentially documentation diffs redacted by man, it's a nightmare to capture what where how got additional behaviour now), it's soooo much better to have vendors put experimental stuff in, or great ideas, or low level functionality or alternate resource-handlings, let them put april jokes - and then let the developers decide if it passes the test of time. I'm so sick of the cages with bars I'm stuck in by most APIs. Imagine we would program CPUs through DirectCPU, o m g.

    (To be clear, I don't like the the OpenGL API style itself, just the extensions :), because you get crazy how inefficient state submittion is at times, and then comes EXT_multi_bind, and you know there is hope)

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