PSP 2 with multi-touch and motion sensing ? (just published Phil Harrison patents!)

Discussion in 'Console Technology' started by Panajev2001a, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. eastmen

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    God I hope someone with half a brain designs the psp2 . I have a psp (the star wars one) and let me tell you its design is awful. my hands start to hurt after about 15 minutes of playing it . Its also extremely bulky and the screen really isn't that great. most of the games like gow are jaggy messes . the load times are insanely long esp on a moble device.

    hopefully they go with a powervr chipset this time around something newer than we've seen. Also perhaps they should switch to memory sticks for the games. I can't imagine at this point in time that a 4 gig memory card would actually cost more than a umd . It will also provide at least twice the space of the um and much better load times . They need to add a second anlog numb also
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    PSP2 = phone, UMD less, all PS3 interactivity as PSP, built-in flash memory 8GB = buying immediately
  3. Panajev2001a


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    You'll see two SKU's: the phone one from the Sony Ericson brand and the other one from the SCE/PlayStation brand IMHO.
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    I don't know, to have a big enough screen and enough width to space out the controls for two-hand operation, the thing will be too big and awkward for a phone.

    That is also why the PSP hasn't been a big hit as a MP3 player. Just too big to carry around when there are Nanos around.
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    There's a market segment who'd buy a PSPhone but you're right that size is an issue, as a mobile device the iphone is nice but as a phone it's on the big side. If Sony goes with the digital tactile pixels or whatever with the patent that Panajev linked (thanks for the update :)) then that'd remove some of the bulk but at the expense of making it more awkward to use for their core demographic (gamers).

    On the other hand I think they're already a bit behind the 8-ball, Apple is going to roll out their download store for the iphone next week and I expect it'll push the device pretty much exactly where Sony would position a PSPhone except beating them to market by a considerable margin and with much lower barriers to entry for developers. A dedicated gaming device will have better performance but it usually comes with a trade-off in battery life and I don't think amazing graphics are as important with a screen that small anyway. It'll be interesting to see how they'll deal with the piracy that has become the PSP's nemesis. I expect the firmware to be pretty quickly broken but since apps are going through their "store" and are all signed it'd be pretty easy to tie binaries to individual devices which would defeat a lot of the casual sharing.

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