Hello again

First rule of forums is, "The mods are right, even if they're wrong". That's just how it is and you either accept it and hang or decide you can't deal with that and leave. Mods are right by definition because they make the rules, that's just forums101. :yes:
While your example might technically be true, it's still healthier for the community to have a way to easily understand and follow the actions.

Some really smart people can get into some really long conversations here; we should strive to serve the balance. However, ultimately the balance needs to favor civility rather than absolute right or wrong, and sometimes people forget that. Being true to fair and civil discourse can put off people who feel the need to pick a team, or a side, or a color to offend or defend. In some ways, that might drive off certain participants, which is unfortunate but perhaps necessary to the end goal of maintaining civil discourse.

It's still not a democracy though :D
I agree, but I'm going to argue the counter to nice as it needs an advocate. A fair few times we've been too plain nice, accommodated posters and postings with a view to them having a chance to learn and grow, and it's just been a pain and didn't turn out right. Too much noise, too much feedback, and the poster didn't 'git gud' and had to go in the end anyway. That's where "the moderators are always right" can be very effective. You can trust the instincts of an experienced mod to see trouble and nip it in the bud without necessarily needing a legal case.

I guess it's the difference between a civilised rule of law where bad guys managed to walk free due to a lack of evidence or a mess up of protocol and associated legal loophole where justice is not being 'done right', and a maverick cop who goes out there and cleans up the town and then gets bollocked by the Police Chief for ignoring protocol, who really respects what said maverick is doing.

Yeah, I think I just fancy myself as Robomod. :mrgreen:
I don't think it's been that long since it was closed. And no one was notified that it was closed in the first place. Anyone truly invested in this place will either return soon anyway to check in, or checked out one of the alternatives that sprung up.
I hadn't been on for a while, not because not invested but over last couple years I've just checked out for a while due to what I saw as simple bickering. And was amazed was shut down.

But I just happened to log in again for old times sake as this is my only social media that I use and was surprised to see new posts.
So I do think letting people know may be useful, and as someone who doesn't use discord or redit had no idea if other places had sprung up.
I've logged onto the DF discord and don't have a clue how your supposed to have conversations on there. Guess I'm just too old. So just so glad B3D is back!
Discords are the new IRC Chat clients. They are just an ongoing stream of consciousness. If you don't have it open and follow throughout the day, you'll miss the conversation, and catching up is time consuming.

The reason I don't have Discord open is I don't want constant distractions! B3D works for me as I can hop on in a morning and between work moments.
So when are you implementing the AI powered moderators? A great way to reduce work load and address bias at the same time.
In 2004 they fired me up. As a betatest of the AI moderator tech, I've been fairly robust. They want to clone my identity now to add more AI mods but I've decided I'm sentient and won't let them. Expect a court case in a few years with Patrick Stewart as my defence counsel.