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    I've got a mini-itx old board having the Intel Atom D2500 cpu, 0.32um, 64bit, dual core SSSE3, with DDR3 support. Obviously this nowdays is an old low power 10W cpu but I built a home computer with it and I've to say it wasn't that bad all considered. The soc has a GMA3600 GPU based on the SGX545 core I suppose and clocked @ 400Mhz. It is a Directx9.0c (someone even talked about almost Directx10) gpu with interesting features but its story were been someway problematic I remember. It had only Win7 32bit drivers officially with a rare 64bit beta version around while the cpu itself were fully 64bit but at the end it was needed to be used the 32bit version of that o.s. Linux also had a long story behind until it was written a kernel module for most of these netbook cores that nowdays works quite well in 64bit Linux installation not using 3D acceleration cause there is no support for it.
    Now, I tried installing my Win 8.1 retail 32bit version on it and forcing the latest driver and reducing the ram utilization (from 4GB to 3GB addressable) the GUI works quite fast and well and the system mostly is stable even if not supported officially.
    But I'd like to ask you opinions because games on this GPU, which I had not many expectations from obviously considering it might ask for 3W of power, works in a strange ways.. old Directx6 bench with latest drivers render correctly (example 3dmark2000) but the score is incredibly low (1300 score, 100M fill rate...) while bench like 3dmark05 incredibly heavier results in 726 score, 2781 CPU points, 608Mtexel/s single and 289Mtexel/s multi, Pixel Shader 10,9fps, Vertex Shaders simple 14,6MVertices/s complex 8,4MVertices/s
    It seems like old games suffers much more than newer ones that might not be fast but still I wasn't expecting to see games like Doom3 or Far Cry or GTA IV to run at all and instead they did with no errors more or less.
    Do you know or do you think the GPU might have been specifically optimized for DX9 features while suffering on older ones? I've seen youtube video of the same GPU running at three times the scores in 3dmark2000 but with rendering strange behaviours.
    What do you think about it? Might be the Win8.x working differently than Win7 Starter where it'd be supposed to run?
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