Forspoken (Project Athia) [PS5, PC]

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Well when it still has no official name, I tend to think it's still pretty early on development.

OTOH, they did seem to show gameplay.
Watched the trailer again in 4k, mind blown to bits. This is very reminiscent of the UE5 demo, definitely a true next gen showcase.
Looks fantastic but I can't get excited for Square Enix games that don't have a release date anymore and even then it's iffy.
Some elements look next gen, but it mostly doesnt look all that next gen compared to GoW 4
This started development at the beginning of last year. It's a big new open-world RPG from the Luminous devs that made FFXV. I estimate it should be out by 2022-2023 giving it a full 4-5 year dev cycle as many games take nowadays.

direct-feed shot shows this is real-time too, with noticeable unpolished artifacts. I wonder if they're using their path-tracing solution for these cutscenes like they showed with the Luminous tech demo not long ago.

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Ok just in time for a Midgen upgrade to run it in full 4K raytracing etc.
If its anything like the past gen the ps5 pro would be out in 2023 and xbox series x x harder would be out in 2024. With the new amd road map that could be Navi 4 for both companies and 5nm ?
this looks like more single character action adventure for botw..well before tabata did said their next game will have freedom like he not in the company anymore so we dont know if the team still had same vision.
Square Enix: graphics of the Playstation 5 are identical to those of PC
July 28, 2020

According to the director of Square Enix, the PlayStation 5 can offer images and graphics similar to those of a current PC Gamer. Well, not similar, but almost identical…. Matsuda says the PS5 is capable of offering ray traced lighting effects that are essentially the same as those found in PC games.
"The PS5 dramatically improves video technology, with the implementation of ray tracing technology that reflects light. Compared to what you see on the PC, it's almost identical, "said Matsuda.
"The Project Athia game (working title), to be released for PS5, is an open-world game where users can freely move around the game world."

Compared to what you see on the PC, it's almost identical, "said Matsuda.
Is there a reason why he can't state "they are identical"? Are there RT shortcomings associated with console implementations vs PC?
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CEDEC conference is this week where Athia devs gave a talk on procedurally creating open worlds. Probably first look at some assets and world lighting for forests areas in Project Athia. LP typically uses their game in development as demonstrations for the engine update talks.

Session content

Placing a vast world map by hand has already reached its limit.
LUMINOUS ENGINE has developed a system that uses node-based tools to describe rules and automatically arrange plants, houses, rivers, gimmicks, etc. with meaning.
Tool design philosophy, optimization techniques for calculating vast areas in real time,
By what kind of calculation do you finally decide the location?
We will share the technology filled with the know-how of each artist and engineer.
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