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Exoprimal will launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X in 2023. Exoprimal looks like an urban-warfare take on what Systemic Reaction has done with Second Extinction, which launched in early access on Xbox One and Xbox Series X last spring.

An accompanying post on PlayStation Blog said the game will support cooperative teams of up to five players. They’ll have access to different mech suits, and can change among them mid-mission to take advantage of all their offensive capabilities.

“Always outnumbered by their foes, Exofighter teams will need to coordinate and select a strategic combination of suits to overcome the odds,” a Capcom representative wrote. “Exoprimal is focused around multiplayer co-op gameplay, with each Exosuit having a clearly defined role.”

Capcom would have been better off just rebooting or remastering the Dino Crisis series. The thousands of dinosaurs falling from/through portals (above buildings) is enough to turn me away from this game.
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Play Report

2022/07/29 12:00

ExoPrimal" closed network test report, combining PvP

and PvE in a new type of team-based action.

Writer: Takeyama

On July 25, 2022, Capcom conducted the second closed network test

of "Exo Primal"
(PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X / PS4 / Xbox One), a team-

based "massive action" game scheduled for release in 2023. The test

was conducted on July 25, 2022. The main mode, "Dino Survival," was

available in this test. The test was held for a short time from 9:00 a.m. to

3:00 p.m., but we had a chance to play it thoroughly, and here is our


This test was conducted using the PC version.

Protect humans from disasters caused by the giants of

the forests!

The story takes place on Earth in the year 2040. In order to protect

humans from the sudden appearance of massive monsters, players will

wear the "Exosuit", a state-of-the-art powered suit developed by the

Ibius Corporation, and throw themselves into battle.

The main character goes through an aptitude test at the training ground and is sent to the


Most people associate the setting with a Player vs. Enemy (PvE) type

game, but the story doesn't end here. As you progress through the game,

you will discover that the players are being used as test subjects to

improve the quality of their "exosuits" and you will be drawn into a

human combat test (PvP: Player vs Player).

The new generation AI "Leviathan", the guide, calls the player an

"experiment" or a "good sample" and monitors the player as a research

subject. What w i l l h a p p e n as the story progresses?

New generation AI "Leviathan".

Introducing a wide variety of performance exosuits

The exosuits that players can choose from are classified into three

types: "assault," which specializes in combat, "tank," which protects

the side, and "support," which excels at providing support. The suits

can be changed at any time during the game, so players can use

different suits depending on the battle situation.

Since it takes a certain amount of time to change suits, it is best to

perform the change between missions or when the player is out of

combat. However, the disadvantage is that the charge time for the

special move "Overdrive" returns to zero, so frequent suit changes are

not recommended.

Assault type: Deadeye

Deadeye is an offensive suit that excels at medium- to long-range

attacks with conventional fire and also has a range attack with grenades.

It also has the ability to blast away enemies in close quarters with its

"Thrust Attack," a palm-bottom attack, making it a well-balanced suit

that can fight at any distance.

The dead-eye rifle grenade causes an explosion at the point of impact. Aim at the large

concentration of monsters and shoot them!

Another of Deadeye's strengths is its ability to attack airborne enemies.

Assault type: Zephyr

Zephyr is a fighting suit that specializes in close-range attacks. Its

armor is thin, so if you rush into enemy lines too easily, you will be

turned back, but it can jump two steps and use the high-speed evasion

"turbine step" twice in a row, making it more maneuverable than other


You can also jump, turbine step, jump in the air, turbine step, and so on to fly around in the

air. Recommended for those who want to move around aggressively.

Tank type: Road block

As the name suggests, Roadblock deploys a huge shield that blocks

the road and stops enemies. Its main function is to protect the side from

enemies, but while the shield is holding back the monsters, you can use

"Shield Blast," which increases damage depending on the number of

enemies, to counterattack.

When playing roadblocks, try to be at the forefront of your team. By acting as a wall and

restricting the enemy's actions, you make it easier for the other side to fight.

Support Type: Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor is a support type suit. It specializes in the recovery

surface and can heal the side of the enemy. Even those who are not

good at fighting enemies can contribute to the team, making it easy to

use even for beginners. In addition, the normal attack sends an electric

shock from the rod, and the fearful

It has the effect of paralyzing the fire.

When a giant monster is paralyzed, it's time to attack!

In addition to the four suits introduced in the movie, unique suits such

as the Japanese-style tank

"Murasame" and the bipistol-wielding

support "Nimbus" were also shown in the game movie. The ability to

choose from a variety of suits with different performance capabilities will

no doubt expand the range of play.

Play the main mode "Dino Survival".

In the "Dino Survival" mode, 10 players were divided into two teams of

five to compete in how fast they could complete the missions presented

by the AI "Leviathan".

When the game begins, players are first assigned to a city, where they

are tasked with defeating designated monsters. The monsters include

the Raptors, which come in large groups, the Pteranodon, which flies

through the air, and the Gus Neosau, a mutant that explodes itself and is

the only one of its kind in the world.

The most important ones to watch out for are the large-sized

Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus, which attack by rushing. These mid-

bosses are powerful and will move to another location if left unattended,

so you and your allies must attack them with priority.

In the latter half of the game, various missions are triggered

depending on the progress of the game. In missions such as "Data Key

Escort" and "Energy Taker", you can directly attack the 5 players on the

enemy team, so you will be in a heated battle to try to complete the

mission while sabotaging each other.

During the mission, you will pick up an item called "Dominator" and use it to summon and

control the monsters. You can launch powerful attacks, so run into the enemy team and

sabotage their mission!

data key escort

In the "Data Key Escort" mission, you must protect the data keys as

they advance along the rails. At first, the enemy team is far away, so the

long-range attacks of the Deadeye and the roadblocks that can defend

against attacks from the front are effective, but as time goes by, the

data keys become closer to each other, so fighting at close range

becomes more important.

energy taker

In the "Energy Taker" mission, the first team to pick up 100 Energy

drops in each area wins. You can decide w h e t h e r t o move away

from your teammates and pick up energy first, or to move with your team

and fight in a group battle.

In addition, some missions, such as "Neo-Tyrannosaurus Defeat",

require the cooperation of all 10 members of the side and the enemy

team to complete the mission. In this mission, the number of respawns is

limited for the entire team, so you must aim to destroy the enemy while

avoiding attacks.

Neo-Tyrannosaurus Defeat

The 10 enemies will try to destroy the giant Neo-Tyrannosaurus. Neo-

Tyrannosaurus spits beams and sucks in its surroundings.

The mission is similar to the company's "Monster Hunter" in terms of its

intensity and appearance. It would b e easier to understand if we were

to define the mission as similar to the company's "Monster Hunter".

A cooperative title that is easy to enjoy. Expect the

addition of a grueling PvP mode.

The "Dino Survival" mode we played this time was mostly about

fighting the monsters in the first half and then moving on to fighting

other players in the second half, but the "human part" felt more like an

extension of the monster battles, so it was easy to play without the

tingling tension of the human battles. I could play it comfortably without

feeling the tension of human battles. It is definitely an easy game for

those who like action games but shy away from fighting with people


On the other hand, it is undeniable that the content is a bit short for

players who want to "enjoy the hard-hitting battle in PvP! players who

want to enjoy PvP and hard-hitting battles. This time, we were only able

to play the "Dino Survival" mode, and we can expect that the missions

are only a part of the game. We hope that in the future, there will be

another game mode for players who want to enjoy PvP more.
When game designers have their young kids design games for their company.
It's not that much different in visual style from something like Anthem imho, apart from the Dinos and Skyscrapers.