Somerville [XO, XBSX|S, PC, XGP]


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Independent studio Jumpship co-founded by Dino Patti, who co-founded Playdead and executive produced Limbo and Inside, is set to release their first title Somerville on November 15th! The game will be available on Xbox One, Series X and S, and Epic and Steam PC stores and also available day one on Xbox Game Pass.

I've been following W.I.P. showings of this game for more than a decade now though tigsource. Early on, it had such a innovative visual design that looked nothing like othwr games of the time. Since them, many games did actually ship that executed a similar visual style just as well or better. Inside is precisely one such example.
Started playing today. Nice casual experience. Great atmosphere. Puzzles are very easy so far. It feels like an interactive movie or something, but I'm kind of enjoying not having to sweat over it. Think it's only about 3 hours long, so it won't get tiresome.