DLSS versus FSR, again, neither being PSSR *spawn

DF comparisons often shows DLSS performance at 4K comparable or superior to many FSR implementations.
What DF says about the topic is irrelevant to me. I check the games I play and compare them with my own eyes. In the games I play, that's not stance I'd agree with. Then again, it's user preference. Also most people do not play at 4k.
We can also thank TAA (including ML upscaling variants) for reduction of shader and transparency aliasing. Our memories of crisp and clean MSAA graphics are from a time before per-pixel shading was common and even then alpha tested stuff was a problem. I could never understand how folks would rather live with noisy aliased images than accept a little softness from TAA but that’s subjective. It’s not subjective though to claim those aliased images represent “good IQ”.
Yes TAA has it's positives and is negatives as does everything else. It's mostly subjective though and to say that TAA introduces "a little softness" is underselling it's effect on image clarity especially in motion.
PSSR must be hardware accelerated right? Otherwise it would be an option on the standard PS5.
Motion artifacts are a huge part of perceived resolution. FSR ghosts far worse than DLSS on average.
Nah.... It's not FSR vs DLSS, It's FSR Quality vs DLSS performance so nah....
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DLSS is the better technique but I am finding lately that I prefer FSR 2's more 'raw' look than the overly processed DLSS image.

Texture detail seems to be better preserved with FSR2 and it has better default sharpening most of the time.
This has already been mentioned before, but FSR 2 itself as a software seems to be an upgradeable container, and this is also true for the standard version 2.2. It works better with some games than others. Starfield on Xbox has been upgraded twice in the last six months to version 2.2 and its quality is exemplary, at least in the console version this is certainly the case, because the picture is very clear.

But anyway, version 3.1 will be here soon, which brings even better image quality. It will be worth waiting for that and then commenting on the technology.
DLSS Performance in Ghost of Tsushima is better than native TAA. This is just one example of DLSS Performance being better than FSR Quality in many implementations.

DLSS Super Resolution is the best option. The DLSS implementation in this game delivers the most stable and clean image when using upscaling across all resolutions. Compared to the native TAA image, even 1080p DLSS Performance mode (540p internally) will have a much better image quality