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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Malo, May 18, 2017.

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    Sounds disappointing, though I wonder about implications to networking.
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    OK, one more huge annoyance when using the inventory. WTF does it shuffle all the gear everytime you take something out? It's already hugely annoying to have to deal with. This just makes it almost unusable. You can't just pull out a series of weapons easily as you have to constantly search for the next one to pull out.

    I'm starting to think it was just some huge joke on the developers part. They can't be this moronically incompetent, can they?

    Ugh. So, is there any good PC inventory managers? Although that wouldn't help in the slightest with this problem I just noticed.

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    This is my opinion but I strongly believe it is true.

    This DLC is a scam. Period.
    Bungie is a culprit here and should be taken to task. I have trying to get a refund from BLizzard for my expansion pass which I bought just 3 days back to no avail. Blizzard just doesn't want to understand.

    The expansion was supposed to have a campaign, two strikes, a new planet and a raid (or a new PvE activity).
    We got
    • a campaign,
    • no strikes ( they are the same campaign missions thrown into strike playlist),
    • No raid ( bungie itself agrees it is a small encounter)
    • and a new planet which is nothing like a planet ! A circle with one lost sector ! Nessus or EDZ is called a planet.
    • On top of that u get guns n gear which are from Destiny 1 ! Something I have paid for many times before and can play with without paying any more money by playing D1.

    How is this okay! How is this anywhere near what was promised? Nothing except the campaign is what Bungie had promised for my $35 (Or 20 for this dlc) . No, it is not okay to call Bungie right in this matter and I finally am throwing my hands up. I really really like Destiny gameplay but this seems the ship has sailed and Destiny is just not Destiny anymmore. They saw a gold mine in th emaking and ruined it at the very first step.

    Sorry bungie, not a fan anymore :( . I still have HALO CE on my PC, I will still be around in D2 strikes to peek around as BLizzard wont refund me but I wont ever buy ur games blindfolded again. You have lost sight of what makes games great: the belief in the game.
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    Since Destiny 2 is free I will check it again. I wonder why it can so quickly be kept for free forever.

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