NPD June 2022

Been busy with a new house so just doing some catch up before July NPD comes around.

Dollar sales down YoY across the board for all platforms in all categories except for subscriptions which are up YoY.

PS5 had the highest dollar sales for the month as well as YTD. Nintendo Switch has the most unit sales.

11Elden RingBandai Namco Entertainment
22LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker SagaWarner Bros. Interactive
3NEWMario Strikers: Battle League*Nintendo
45MLB: The Show 22^Multiple Video Game Manufacturers
557OverwatchActivision Blizzard (Corp)
68Mario Kart 8*Nintendo
73Nintendo Switch Sports*Nintendo
86Kirby and the Forgotten Land*Nintendo
9159Final Fantasy VII: RemakeSquare Enix Inc (Corp)
1011MinecraftMultiple Video Game Manufacturers
117Call of Duty: VanguardActivision Blizzard (Corp)
12NEWF1 22Electronic Arts
1330Monster Hunter: RiseCapcom USA
1456Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Hinokami ChroniclesSega
1514Super Smash Bros. Ultimate*Nintendo
16NEWFire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes*Nintendo
17NEWSonic OriginsSega
1810Pokémon Legends: Arceus*Nintendo
19NEWThe Quarry*Take Two Interactive
2028Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles MoralesSony (Corp)
*Digital sales not included
^Xbox & Switch digital sales not included

Elden Ring continues to dominate the charts in NA. #1 on both PS and Xbox as well as 2022 and the rolling 12 month chart. Elden Ring is in the Top 10 all time best-selling titles for North America. Yes!

FFVII Remake catapulted back into the charts at #9 from #159 due to its Steam release (EGS release last year didn't even make a blip on the NPD rankings) combined with news of the next chapter in the remake.

Minecraft actually rose a spot in the rankings. :p

I'm fully expecting that the Spiderman PC release will catapult into the #1 or #2 spot in August due to its Steam release if FFVII's Steam release is any indication of how influential Steam can be for NPD sales rankings. I think it'll catapult into the #1 spot in August.



Elden Ring continues to have amazing legs. Nintendo continuing unit sales lead. I wonder if 125m -150m is possible for the console.

Sony getting it done with the $400-$500 sku game.