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    Crystal Dynamics is looking for a programmer to work in the Shared Technology group as the lead renderer and direct work on associated build systems at our studio in Redwood City California. This position involves a direct working relationship with other programmers on the rendering team, and programmers and artists on game teams. Candidates should be both creative and practical with an ambition to advance next generation rendering for future games.

    Essential Requirements:
    -6+ years game industry experience-Must have significant experience with at least one critically and/or commercially successful product.
    -Must have experience on a console programming for PS3 and Xbox360
    -Experience in one or more areas of technology with a specialization in one or more of the following:
    -3D graphics algorithms and approaches
    -Graphics pipelines
    -Post processing
    -Lighting algorithms
    -Must have strong 3D math skills and be knowledgeable in industry trends and research.

    Additional Requirements:
    -Ability to assist other programmers on defining robust and efficient solutions to systems and tasks
    -Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code.
    -Ability to adapt to changing requirements
    -Strong time management skills with a proven ability to focus on priorities, solve problems, and meet deadlines.
    -Ability to collaborate as member of a team and work toward team goals.
    -Ability to contribute innovative ideas to all aspects of game development

    Recommendations are very welcome!

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