Alternative distribution to optical disks : SSD, cards, and download*

Discussion in 'Console Technology' started by Cheezdoodles, May 26, 2008.

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    They could, but then they would be lambasted by all consumers online for being so technologically backwards.

    Hybrid storage pools with automatic cacheing supported by the OS is the way forwards.
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    I ve searched a bit. Dacades ago there were no 16 core CPUs for consumers and console gamers and that's where one big difference lies. In this form this hasn't been done for decades.

    Yes, every game that has a world that does not fit into memory and has no loading screens at the same time needs a technique like "OCS". Still many games have loading times. Sure, even in 2009 OCS was not cutting edge. Even then it was the method of choice if one does not get everything into the memory. Of course OCS was generally known in the industry for years at the time CIG started.

    For example, the open world games which are made with Snowdrop (The Division etc) have a 16 core support and the multicore part is quite well done. Unfortunately the thing is also incredibly CPU hungry if one wants to use the full engine. Otherwise the point is why to develop for 16 cores if hardly anyone has such a machine to play and also there is no quickly sign of 16 cors become standard in the consumer area in the future? Snowdrop was completely rewritten for Division and the team build it from zero. As far as the maximal number of players is concerned there would be more if they would not have taken the consoles into consideration. A real MMO with hundreds of players wouldn't be possible on consoles either.

    When it comes to loading times you also have a problem if you really need massive bandwidth which most players just don't have. Accordingly you have to make sure that it also loads smoothly on an average gaming PC or a console.
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    Wrong thread
    You're slithering around now.

    You said that manual copying of games to internal storage to play them was fine, and used the "fact" that PS4 did this as proof that it was not an impediment.

    I said that would be stupid, and pointed out that no, the PS4 absolutely does not do what you said it did. You were entirely incorrect, and the opposite is the case.

    Soooooo that would mean you were arguing that manual copying of 100+ GB games to a very limited internal drive would not be an issue for gamers, as this was already the case for PS4 (hint, it isn't, and no console including Nintendo consoles does this).

    That would be an incredibly stupid strategy. Incredibly stupid.

    And to make this absolutely clear, to do this and require manual copies of titles from external storage to internal storage to play them is possible - of course it is - but it's stupid.

    And that was what you were claiming. Using the PS4 as an example. You were saying automated handling of externally stored games was not necessary.

    When you refuse to quote and make a point by point rebuttal, and generate your own representation of another posters points to argue against, and then accuse them of screaming in some kind of smear in your sign off ...


    No shit you can enable the copying of files between locations.

    In the same way you can copy arguments between Gamefaqs and Beyond3D.
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    Gamefaqs? This and neogaf are the only forums I use dude. I'm chozofication over there.

    Why so hostile? I already said I was mistaken about how PS4 external works? Okay, I get it, you don't think it's a good idea.

    I'll be honest, you're blocked from now on. Consider that your win if you want because talking to you yields absolutely nothing ever.

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