3DFX is back???

  • Product line to include appliances?

Appliances refers to them making TVs. Which, yes, is still considered an appliance. lol.

I feel like this is being spearheaded by someone who isn't personally super knowledgeable about the technology himself, and PCI probably *means* PCI-E.

But hey, I'm optimistic. If nothing else, this is a good lark, and I'm loving seeing the name 3dfx and the old logo back in action. Regardless of how this pans out.
Based on the announcement thread this just looks like some typical Chinese device maker/rebrander who bought the 3dfx brand in an attempt to cash in on its cachet. They left "10%" in the "video card" bucket but I am 100% sure they are not going to become a competitor to NV, AMD or Intel. Mayyyybe they can become a board partner but I doubt that too.

"Bluetooth speaker" should really tell you everything you need to know.

This really seems to be a case of "bad faith" trademark resuscitation per EU rules as a prior poster noted.
Wait, "suspended"? They didn't removed the account voluntarily?
It should be obvious that this is the work of the more famous Jensen with his anti-consumer practices to eliminate competition.
It could have been volountarily removed as well, I'm just used to the fact that Twitter suspends accounts left and right.
The description of the account had "(parody account)" added to it shortly before the suspension, and started making obvious, unprofessional / trolly replies to people.

They ruined the bit even before the suspension. I was sorely disappointed, not even by the fact that 3dfx wasn't actually returning, but by the fact that it wasn't even done well and went out so poorly.