1. P

    Apple moving into Console Gaming?

    Apple reportedly interested in creating its own gaming console | KitGuru
  2. I

    Apple A16 SoC

    The Commercial Times has a rumor (Google Translate) of two different "A16" processors next year. Since this rumor doesn't mention any of the rumored and/or speculated multi-die configurations, I think it's dealing with individual chips rather than configurations (cut-down, multi-die, etc.), and...
  3. I

    Apple M2, M2 Pro, and M2 Max SoCs

    A rumor (Google Translate) from the Commercial Times provides information on the next two generations of Apple SoCs. SoC M2 M2 Pro M2 Max Codename Staten Rhodes Rhodes Process 4 nm 4 nm 4 nm Release date 2022 H2 2023 H1...
  4. I

    Apple A15 SoC

    Apple has announced the A15 SoC, which is present in the new iPhone 13 lineup and the redesigned iPad mini. Apple compared the A15 in the 6th generation iPad mini to the A12 in the previous generation iPad mini: If that 40% sounds familiar, it might be because Apple gave the same number...
  5. Kaotik

    Apple (PowerVR) TBDR GPU-architecture speculation thread

    Apple recently announced they're moving from x86 to Arm on Macs too. They've now also released a video, which confirms they'll move to their own GPUs too. Details of the architecture are of course still limited other than it's TBDR. With...
  6. L

    Point of diminishing return for 60 FPS eGPU gaming? What GPU should I buy?

    This is sort of a Part 2 of my previous thread. I've chosen to go the Mac mini route with an i7-8700B 6C/12T CPU and 32GB of ram connected to an eGPU. Coupled to this is a recently purchased 60Hz 4K IPS display with very decent 1440p scaling, so high FPS gaming is not in the cards now or in the...
  7. L

    Mac mini or MacBook Pro 16", which has the faster CPU... for gaming?

    Now I'm looking to upgrade my poor little MacBook Air from 2011, and I would love to be able to do some gaming on the side. Not the Mac's strong suit, I'm very well aware. But my idea revolves around an eGPU as a solution. And with that in mind CPU performance becomes much more important. Now...
  8. I

    Apple A14 and A14X SoCs

    The leaker Longhorn (@never_released) has information on the A14 and A14X. Furthermore, the A14X is apparently scheduled for 2020: Also mentioned is a list of Apple CPU codenames. Tempest and Chinook are for the A12 while Lightning is for the A13 (along with Thunder). Perhaps Firestorm and...
  9. I

    Apple A13 SoC

    The Twitter user Longhorn (@never_released) has information about the A13. Links: [1] [2] [3] There is discussion on the Real World Tech forums about these details including the potential implications of the core codenames. Neither codename is about wind so maybe they indicate larger...
  10. P

    Is the battery life of the iphone better?

    I want to buy a phone with a large battery capacity. I was introduced to Apple phones but I'm confused with the other phone companies?
  11. I

    Apple A12, A12X, and A12Z SoCs

    It seems rather early, but a Weibo user supposedly has Geekbench 4 scores for the rumored A12. I saw this post from a thread on AnandTech forums and the thread starter claims that the source is reliable. The A11 in the iPhone 8 Plus reaches 4216 single-core and 10186 multi-core on Geekbench 4...
  12. I

    Apple A11 SoC

    Slashleaks has what is supposedly a leak of the A11: Is it possible to estimate the approximate die size of the A11 from these pictures (assuming they are real), even with a large error margin?
  13. I

    Apple A10X SoC

    Apple announced iPad Pro updates with the A10X SoC today. (Image from AnandTech.) 30% faster CPU performance and 40% faster GPU performance than the A9X.
  14. S

    Metal 2 API for macOS and iOS

    No real details yet that I've seen, but supposedly "10x drawcall throughput" or shit like that. Big VR push. External GPU support with thunderbolt 3. Some details are up.
  15. T

    Apple's ongoing use of ImgTec PowerVR GPU IP "Imagination Technologies Group plc (LSE: IMG, “Imagination”, “the Group”) a leading multimedia, processor and communications technology company, has been notified by Apple Inc. (“Apple”), its largest...
  16. L

    Analysis Concludes Apple Now Using Custom GPU Design David Kanter has compared the optimization information provided by PowerVR and Apple and found they are quite different. He concludes that while Apple is still using PowerVR IP for the fixed function hardware, Apple has been using their own custom...
  17. I

    Apple A10 SoC

    Apple announced the A10 Fusion at its special event today. (Pictures from AnandTech.) I'd like to know whether the little cores are Apple-designed or Cortex-A series. (I assume the big cores are an evolution of Twister—not that they aren't also interesting.) The 40% faster performance of...
  18. BRiT

    The Annual Apple WWDC Thread, 2016 Edition

    This is a thread to contain the news relating to the Apple WWDC event. Event starts 2016-06-13 10:00 PST. Apple Stream: ArsTechnica LiveBlog:
  19. Rys

    Apple iPod Touch with A8 and 4" 1136x640 display Current generation Apple SoC paired with the last generation display from the iPhone 5/5s. Should have excellent real-world performance in games at that resolution.
  20. T

    Apple, investigating big-Little on the GPU ?

    Came across an interesting patent application from Apple. Basically a means to transparently switch between...
  21. Sinistar

    Apple post biggest profits ever.

    US technology giant Apple has reported the biggest quarterly profit ever made by a public company. Apple reported a net profit of $18bn (£11.8bn) in its fiscal first quarter, which tops the $15.9bn made by ExxonMobil in the second quarter of 2012, according to Standard and Poor's...
  22. R

    Apple Cyclone / A7 Discussion

    There's some nice analysis of Apple's Cyclone CPU in anandtech's iPad Air review: Pretty damned wide CPU. Memory interface width is 64 bit now but bandwidth is actually better.