The Annual E3 Microsoft press conference thread, 2017 edition

Discussion in 'Console Industry' started by BRiT, Jun 4, 2017.

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    I held a viewing party for E3 at a buddies house. He had a 65" LG B6 OLED. Watching the games on that just sold me entirely. Hell it sold people bored with graphics, standard run of the mill 980TI guys were blown away; we've seen a lot, 144 FPS on the right monitors and a lot of 1440p res. but proper native 4K games on a 4K screen made it feel like we had a full glimpse of next gen.

    When I got home and watched it again on my 1080p set, there was no comparison. The idea that you couldnt see the difference from 4K to 1080p from a specific distance; complete hog wash, we were over 10ft away from the TV, maybe 15ft and the attention to detail was obvious.

    1080p is just not capable of rendering those small particles and those fine details. It wasn't about edges, it was about the overall presentation And we found games (certain games) made way better use of 4K than others. Now I'm not even sure if the stream itself was HDR, so that's an entirely different factor we could have missed on, I believe OLED was the factor for colour for Us.

    Scorpio without a 4K TV seems to be a bit of a waste imo. The downscale (which I do today with PC) is not enough. Downscaling cleans up edges lines, but it not the same as 4K.
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    even a 1S isn't worth it for how little i would use it, don't get to play games much. :lol:
    but if I'm gonna get anything it will probably be the 1X

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