New Silent Hill game (rumor)


Double Agent





I know people think that Bloober Team are amateurs, but I'm all for giving them a chance. Judge the game once you play it for yourself. Just hope it has combat, though. However, I'm sure that Bloober Team is working with Konami, because they're passionate, so I don't think they'd half-ass their big opportunity.

One thing I hate about the Internet is that it's a bit of a pain with stuff being revealed before it's due to be officially confirmed. To me, it's like giving somebody a Christmas present that's supposed to be kept a surprise, only to then say what the gift is. So all these leaks and stuff, while it gets people talking during a dry spell for news, it can turn a few people off. I'd rather have waited for the games festival, and had it flung right in my face, as opposed to some leaker mentioning it beforehand.

I did come across this very interesting video on YouTube, which suggests multiple games are being worked on. People are naturally only going to fully support a triple A Silent Hill game, and act as if Bloober Team's game is completely crap. It's a tad bit unfair.